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Volume 2020, Issue 11, November 2020

Volume 2020, Issue 11

November 2020

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    • End-users’ requirements underpinned by IoT layered architecture to the development of smart sustainable cities
      Kernel difference maximisation-based sparse representation for more accurate face recognition
      Overall computing offloading strategy based on deep reinforcement learning in vehicle fog computing
      Novel noise reduction method based on improved empirical wavelet transform and kurtosis for partial discharge signal of high-voltage cables
      Design and performance evaluation of series hybrid electric vehicle using backward model
      Consumer appliance-level load shedding optimisation for real-time application
      Fault-tolerant control of inverter for the integration of solar PV under abnormal conditions
      Structure-based joint estimation algorithm for distributed coherent aperture radar
      Impedance stability analysis and impedance remodelling of matrix converter grid-connected system
    • Applications of non-invasive sensor devices to personalised health care

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