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Volume 2019, Issue 21, November 2019

Volume 2019, Issue 21

November 2019

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    • Prospects of FMCW-based frequency diverse array radar
      Proposal of multiple access FMCW radar for inter-radar interference avoidance
      Target recognition in synthetic aperture radar image based on PCANet
      Spaceborne synthetic aperture radar imaging mapping methodology based on FPGA-DSP hybrid heterogeneous architecture
      Method for weak target detection in sea environment
      Fast and accurate RCS evaluation via high-performance parallel FDTD simulation
      Cognitive passive radar system: software defined radio and deep learning approach
      Airfield detection based on JPEG2000 compressed domain
      Implementation architecture of signal processing in pulse Doppler radar system based on FPGA
      Research on linearisation of power amplifier based on digital pre-distortion
      Ship classification based on convolutional neural networks
      SAR high-resolution imaging from missing raw data using StOMP
      Spectral–spatial classification of hyperspectral remote sensing image based on capsule network
      Efficient autofocus of small multi-rotor UAV SAR by minimum entropy BP algorithm
      Sea clutter suppression algorithm based on signal resonance
      Insect trajectory simulation method based on radar observation
      Simplified LLR algorithm for m-QAM demodulation
      Ground clutter simulation for airborne forward-looking multi-channel LFMCW radar
      Regional attention-based single shot detector for SAR ship detection
      Fast target deception jamming method against spaceborne synthetic aperture radar based on equivalent bistatic scattered fields
      Passive radar polarisation filtering technology research
      Research on modelling and calculation method of river ice electromagnetic scattering
      Ship wake region detection by using multi-feature recombination and area-based morphological analysis in ATI-SAR systems
      Through-the-wall radar sparse imaging for building walls
      Robust low-rank abundance matrix estimation for hyperspectral unmixing
      Object-based method for optical and SAR images change detection
      Clutter simulation and characterisation of space-borne GEO-LEO radar
      Using integer and fractional measure for processing and recognitions of small and distorted images in optical location and medicine
      Dynamic partial reconfiguration scheme for fault-tolerant FFT processor based on FPGA
      Quantum detection theory and optimum strategy in quantum radar system
      Maximum likelihood distance estimation algorithm for multi-carrier radar system
      Generation scheme of chirp scaling phase functions based on floating-point CORDIC processor
      Long-time coherent accumulation algorithm based on acceleration blind estimation
      Correlation-matching multipath suppression algorithm in three-dimensional through-wall radar imaging
      Jamming decision under condition of incomplete jamming rule library
      Measurement of insect mass based on ellipsoid scattering model
      Full-polarimetric scattering characteristics prediction from single/dual-polarimetric SAR data using convolutional neural networks
      Classifying aircraft based on sparse recovery and deep-learning
      Micro-vibration distinguishment between humans and animals based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition using ultra-wide band radar
      One microwave imaging system based on automotive radar chip
      Cognitive target detection based on Bayesian approach in radar
      Multi-scale object detection by bottom-up feature pyramid network
      Feasibility analysis of non-orthogonal waveforms for multiple input multiple output passive radar application
      High-precision target echo generation technology based on one-dimensional linear array radar
      Method for four-channel monopulse radar to resist dual-source angle deception jamming
      Wavefront feature extraction for SAR target recognition
      Direct wave suppression technology of passive radar system
      Anti-multipath interference method of semi-active seek
      HF radar signatures of ship and submarine wakes
      Doppler compensation method for the complementary phase-coded signal
      Passive radar sparse imaging with transmitter and receiver position errors
      Development of method to forecast soybean leaf damage by common cutworm using entomological radar and searchlight trap
      G-CLASS: geosynchronous radar for water cycle science – orbit selection and system design
      Adaptive signal suppression based on modified PCA for a single-point radiation source in radar networks
      Advances in entomological laser radar
      Adaptive detectors with enhanced selectivity capabilities in partially homogeneous environments
      Index for task scheduling in phased array radar
      Research of InISAR imaging based on joint translational compensation
      Approach of SAR images simulations for target interpretations
      Radar/ESM anti-bias track association algorithm based on track distance vector detection
      Data compression method based on information preservation for wideband radar LFM signal echo
      Orthogonal phase-frequency coded signal in a pulse against interrupted sampling repeater jamming
      Unified OSTBC-based communication scheme for cooperative space vehicles
      Waveform design for cognitive radar in presence of jammer using Stackelberg game
      Multiscale saliency detection method for ship targets in synthetic aperture radar images
      Efficient knowledge-aided target relocation algorithm for airborne radar
      Classification for Polsar image based on hölder divergences
      Autofocusing method for through-the-wall bioradar imagery of human vital signs
      Elderly care: activities of daily living classification with an S band radar
      Parallel processing of sliding spotlight mode SAR imaging based on GPU
      Effective power analysis of multi-tone excitation transmitting system
      Efficient deep convolutional neural networks using CReLU for ATR with limited SAR images
      Inverse synthetic aperture ladar imaging algorithm for space spinning targets
      Range sidelobe suppression for OFDM-integrated radar and communication signal
      CRLB for joint estimation of TDOA, phase, FDOA, and Doppler rate
      Radar working-state identification using the hidden Markov model
      Insect detection and density estimation based on a Ku-band scanning entomological radar
      A robust ragged cloud detection algorithm for remote sensing image
      Investigation on reason of range profile distortion of plasma sheath target
      PolSAR target scattering interpretation in rotation domain: theory and application
      EMD-based adaptive stationary human imaging for TD-MIMO through-wall radar
      Research on pulse compression radar angular glint modelling and suppression
      Hierarchical ship detection method for space-borne SAR image
      Adaptive cardinality balanced multi-target multi-Bernoulli filter based on cubature Kalman
      Multi-target tracking of birds in complex low-altitude airspace based on GM_PHD filter
      Optimised multi-hypothesis tracking algorithm based on the two-dimensional constraints and manoeuvre detection
      Robust adaptive beamforming method based on desired signal steering vector estimation and interference-Plus-noise covariance matrix reconstruction
      Total least square clutter cancellation in passive radar
      Deceptive multiple false targets jamming recognition for linear frequency modulation radars
      Recognition of radar active-jamming through convolutional neural networks
      Hierarchical detection method of specific artificial region using local structural constraint in remote sensing images
      Open set HRRP recognition based on convolutional neural network
      Angular glint compensation for seekers based on multicarrier techniques
      Single channel pipelined variable-length FFT processor design
      Wideband signal DOA estimation method based on keystone transform
      Target classification using Renyi entropy features of cyclic bispectrum
      Approach of system error registration for two-station coast radars for sea surface monitoring
      Multi-frame track-before-detect algorithm for disambiguation
      Radar and communication integration based on complete complementary codes
      Long-time coherent integration for high dynamic DSSS signal
      DOA estimation for different frequency with different angles based on wideband co-prime array
      Applicable STAP for moving FOD detection
      Spread spectrum algorithm resistance to wideband non-stationary interference
      Implementation and optimisation of pulse compression algorithm on open CL-based FPGA
      Target moving trajectory estimation by multiple receivers based on GPS forward scattering radar
      Meteorological clutter suppression method for ball-borne radar based on Kalmus filter
      Radar HRRP recognition based on CNN
      Bi-level JOMP for DOA estimation in coprime array with off-grid targets
      Efficiency balanced matrix transpose method for sliding spotlight SAR imaging processing
      Channel equalisation method for wideband digital array radar
      Bayesian angular super-resolution for sea-surface target in forward-looking scanning radar
      Direct position determination and effective extraction of multiple transmitters
      Real-valued propagator method for fast DOA estimation via polynomial rooting
      Lateral velocity measurement and error analysis
      Compressive sensing-based super-resolution DOA estimation for mechanical scanning radar
      Improved arithmetic for generating Costas arrays using welch construction method
      DOA estimation with extended sparse and parametric approach in multi-carrier MIMO HFSWR
      Robust direction-of-arrival estimation based on sparse asymptotic minimum variance
      Dimension degradation of fractionally spaced super-exponential algorithm for sparse channel equalisation
      Design and implementation of parallel CRC algorithm for fibre channel on FPGA
      Adaptive manoeuvring target tracking algorithm based on acceleration pre-estimation model
      Improved moving target detector using sequential combination of DPCA and ATI
      Space-time adaptive detection for bistatic MIMO system under covariance matrix persymmetry and symmetric spectrum
      Maritime targets classification based on CNN using Gaofen-3 SAR images
      Polarised HRRP scattering centre estimation via atomic norm minimisation
      Fast DBF for conformal arrays based on 2D Fourier decomposition
      Aircraft classification method based on the kurtosisskewness feature and wavelet decomposition and linear discriminant analysis
      Micro-motion feature extraction of narrow-band radar target based on ROMP
      Method of multichannel calibration for unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance radar
      Target detection approach for DRM-based passive bistatic radar
      Radar target classification using improved Dempster–Shafer theory
      Ship target detection and segmentation method based on multi-fractal analysis
      Dual-station radar-based living body detection and localisation
      Radio frequency interference suppression filters design for HF radar based on SOCP
      Antenna beam angle calibration method via solar electromagnetic radiation scan
      Small vehicles detection based on UAV
      Transmitter and receiver polarisation optimisation design for target
      CP-based OFDM radar–communications signal using interval linear phase compression modulation
      RBM-based joint dictionary learning for ISAR resolution enhancement
      Sequential optimisation of orthogonal waveforms for MIMO radar
      Micro-Doppler signature for drone detection using FSR: a theoretical and experimental validation
      Modified reference window for two-dimensional CFAR in radar target detection
      Compressed spatial–spectral feature representation for hyperspectral ground classification
      Robust space-time adaptive processing based on covariance matrix reconstruction and steering vector correction
      Target tracking with a dynamic and adaptive selection of radars based on entropy
      Tracking fluctuating targets in extremely heterogeneous clutter using amplitude information
      Radar HRRP target recognition based on stacked denosing sparse autoencoder
      Relationship of different optimal criteria in radar waveform design
      Experimental validations of insect orientation extraction based on fully polarimetric measurement
      Performance analysis of one-step prediction-based cognitive jamming in jammer-radar countermeasure model
      Generation of unconventional OAM waves by a circular array
      Research on synchronisation for burst and instantaneous communication in integrated radar and communication
      Insect wing-beat frequency automatic extraction and experimental verification with a Ku-band insect radar system
      Application of AHP and D-S evidential theory in radar seeker anti-interference performance evaluation
      Design of low sidelobe random radar signal by frequency-domain modulation method
      Efficient 2D adaptive beamforming algorithm based on sparse array optimisation
      Enhanced off-grid DOA estimation by corrected power Bayesian inference using difference coarray
      FPGA-based fault injection design for 16K-point FFT processor
      Rotation error analysis on slant 45° dual polarisation radar feature extraction
      Sparse-Bayesian-learning-based translational motion estimation of electromagnetic vortex imaging
      Research on aperture-level simultaneous transmit and receive
      Moving target detection with polarimetric distributed MIMO radar in heterogeneous clutter
      Radar emitter intrapulse signal blind sorting under modified wavelet denoising
      Deep forest for radar HRRP recognition
      Two-dimensional deceptive jamming mitigation algorithm for SAR imaging using frequency diverse array
      FPGA-based reconfigurable matrix inversion implementation for inverse filtering of multi-channel SAR imaging
      Coherent detection method for maneuvering target with complex motions
      Correlation between SAR system resolution and target detection
      Research on reducing PAPR of QAM-OFDM radar-communication integration sharing signal
      Robust adaptive beamforming method for large-scale array with automatic diagonal loading and steering vector estimation
      Radar track prediction method based on BP neural network
      SAR village targets extraction and heterogonous image registration
      Approximate regularised maximum-likelihood approach for censoring outliers
      CS–MMPF-based weak target detection and tracking with range ambiguity
      BLUE filter with fused range estimation
      Micro-motion feature extraction of space targets based on sinusoidal frequency modulation Fourier transform
      Visualisation and interpretation of PolSAR data based on polarimetric coherence
      Visual time-sensitive SAR target detection technology based on human brain mapping
      Polarimetric radar target recognition framework based on LSTM
      SAR image synthesis based on conditional generative adversarial networks
      Nautical radar clutter suppression and small target detection based on image spectrum filtering and Hough transform
      Adaptive processing method for interference cancellation in sky-wave OTHR
      Target separation detection and motion parameter estimation method based on time-varying autoregressive model
      Joint estimation of DOA and channel errors with sparse recovery for SKA low-frequency array
      Four-channel monopulse angle estimation for phased array radar with elliptical plane
      Stochastic configuration network-based SAR image target classification approach
      Wind speed estimation of low-altitude wind shear based on combined space–time main channel adaptive processing
      GPU parallel implementation and optimisation of SAR target recognition method
      Application of joint domain localised matrix CFAR detector for HFSWR
      Dimension-reduced bi-iterative space–time adaptive processing method for airborne radar
      High-resolution SAR altimeter with wide-angle echoes coherent accumulation
      Narrow band space scanning two-dimensional linear frequency diverse array radar
      Design and implementation of LFMCW radar system based on ZYNQ
      Experimental verification of an integrated radar communication system
      Sea-surface floating small target detection based on feature compression
      Edge estimation method for non-uniform envelope pulse based on instantaneous frequency
      Method to suppress narrowband interference for OFDM radar
      CIAPC algorithm for random frequency-hopping radar
      Projection-based state estimation using noisy destination

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