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Volume 2019, Issue 19, October 2019

Volume 2019, Issue 19

October 2019

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    • An improved inverse synthetic aperture radar range alignment method based on maximum contrast
      Joint azimuth-range jamming for ISAR based on time delay
      SAR imaging model of low-flying airplane target at complex maritime scene
      Three-dimensional sparse recovery space-time adaptive processing for airborne radar
      Moving target detection in clutter background with FDA-MIMO radar via three-dimensional focus processing
      Fast algorithm for designing unimodular sequence and related mismatched filter with flexible correlation properties
      Improved FAST corner-detection method
      Fast signal reconstruction and recognition algorithm based on cascading redundant dictionary and block sparsity for compressed sensing radar receiver
      New robust Taylor series method for target localisation based on external emitter radar
      Novel priori-knowledge-free manoeuvring target-tracking method
      Adaptive target detection against spatially correlated compound-Gaussian clutter with multivariate inverse Gaussian texture
      Correlation tracking via robust region proposals
      Autofocus method for SAR image with multi-blocks
      Complex forward scattering coefficient for signal characterisation
      Moving target modelling and indication in MIMO GEO SAR
      Localisation of unresolved targets with frequency divers array radar
      Circular SAR imaging algorithm based on polar format algorithm for moving target
      SAR 3D sparse imaging based on CLA
      Wide aperture image processing and analysis for BSAR with GNSS transmitters
      Range migration compensation for moving targets in chirp radars with stepped frequency
      Fast mesh forming for distributed digital array radar
      Bayesian 3-D interferometric ISAR imaging for the targets with limited pulses
      Study on the simulation of simultaneous full AT-POLINSAR
      Constant false alarm rate detection method in polarimetric synthetic aperture radar imagery based on whitening filter under inverse beta distribution
      Polar format algorithm of synthetic aperture radar imaging on spiral trajectory
      Location displacement analysis on target height in VideoSAR image sequence
      Multi-feature radar signal modulation recognition based on improved PSO algorithm
      Beam-shape loss for multiple-beam digital array radars
      New matrix constant false alarm rate detectors for radar target detection
      Kalman filter aided target density function for radar imaging
      Moving target detection based on OFDM radar
      Non-uniform phase filter for Tiangong-2 Interferometric Imaging Radar Altimeter
      Air-borne linear frequency modulation range interrupted continuous-wave SAR for high-resolution imaging
      Segmented discrete polynomial-phase transform with coprime sampling
      100 GHz Silicon-based micro-machined patch antenna and arrays
      Waveform diversity design for an MIMO SAR system based on an OFDM chirp
      Multi-path suppression algorithm for through-the-wall imaging
      Inter-radar interference analysis of FMCW radars with different chirp rates
      First demonstration of airborne multi-channel InSAR processing based on measured data
      SAR image detection of sea targets based on two-step CFAR detector of KK distribution
      Parameter inversion algorithm of CSAR moving target based on PFA sub-aperture images
      Space-variant analysis and target echo simulation of geosynchronous SAR
      Improved entropy-based autofocus correction for synthetic aperture radar
      Study on the best calculation scheme of equivalent evaporation duct feature
      Research on dual-polarisation printed dipole antenna for spherical near-field measurements
      Adaptive digital beamformer intellectual property based on high-level synthesis
      Multipath effect analysis and pre-distortion processing for jamming on wideband ground radar through antenna sidelobe
      Experimental results of DTTB-based passive radar with polarisation diversity reception
      Frequency domain detection of sinusoidal signal under coloured Gaussian noise
      Ionospheric correction of ALOS-2 full-aperture ScanSAR interferometric data for surface deformation measurement in Beijing
      Research of wind turbine clutter mitigation based on OMP algorithm
      Improved range model based on parameter estimation for high resolution and high squint LEO SAR
      Adaptive high-degree cubature Kalman filter in the presence of unknown measurement noise covariance matrix
      Gridless DOA estimation based on multivariate function genetic optimisation
      Design and preliminary verification of L-band ground-based SAR system for the vegetated area
      Sparse-based direction finding in MIMO radar with mutual coupling
      Multi-source data-based method for retrieval of soil moisture in grassland
      A broadband horizontally polarised omnidirectional antenna with stable radiation patterns
      Discontinuity preserving phase unwrapping algorithm for simulated InSAR based on MRF model using line process
      Pulse interference method against PRI sorting
      Unambiguous signal reconstruction for GEO-LEO bistatic SAR with azimuth multichannel
      Fast velocity estimation method for moving targets based on complex SAR image
      Coherent integration method for random pulse repetition interval radar based on non-uniform keystone transform and non-uniform fast Fourier transform
      Fast algorithm for moving target localisation using FDA-MIMO radar
      High-precision motion compensation for very-high-resolution SAR imaging
      3D reconstruction and error analysis of multi-view space-borne SAR images under different configurations
      Monopulse SAR angle measurement based on total variation and monotonic iterative algorithm
      Synthesis of isophoric concentric ring arrays with multiple constraints
      Target localisation from bistatic range measurements in multistatic passive radar using MDS
      2D DOA estimator for coherently distributed sources using one snapshot
      Aircraft altitude estimation method based on multi-beam pitching sum and difference channels for SAR
      Improved BAQ algorithm for Tiangong-2 interferometric imaging radar data compression
      Accuracy analysis of multi-base InSAR altimeter in ocean surface relative elevation measurement
      Novel ISAR autofocusing method based on Bayesian inference
      New moving target Doppler centroid expression in geosynchronous SAR
      Research on near-field focusing algorithm of reconfigurable reflect-array
      Improved branch-cut phase unwrapping strategy based on dynamic adjacent table
      Design of an anti-irradiation beam-steering unit based on ASIC circuit
      MF-SarNet: Effective CNN with data augmentation for SAR automatic target recognition
      Wavefront curvature compensation in PFA for spotlight bistatic SAR with arbitrary platforms paths
      Simultaneous spatiotemporal bias and state estimation for asynchronous multi-sensor system
      Mining change patterns in time series high-resolution SAR images
      Integrated design of active phased array for low-altitude detection radar
      Autofocus technique for radar coincidence imaging with model error via iterative maximum a posteriori
      K-coverage based receiver placement optimisation in passive radar network
      Generalised ambiguity function analysis of distributed MIMO synthetic aperture radar
      Method of imaging and parameter estimation for moving targets with single-channel SAR
      MIMO radar signals modulation recognition based on partial instantaneous autocorrelation spectrum
      Electromagnetic scattering characteristics of flapping bird and experimental validation
      Task-scheduling scheme based on greedy algorithm in integrated radar and communication systems
      Design and characteristic analysis of hybrid OFD–LFM–PC waveforms in the MIMO radar
      Monopulse angle measurement with mainlobe interference based on the auxiliary array
      Power divider based on vertical elliptical directional couplers with increased isolation and bandwidth
      Improved converted measurement Kalman filter for satellite-borne multi-target tracking
      Fast ship contour extraction in SAR images
      Insect speed extraction method based on a high resolution and full polarisation radar with vertical-looking mode
      Measurement of iron mass in concrete wall using ultra-wide band radar
      Theoretical analysis and experimental verification of wideband multiple-input multiple-output imaging radar
      Compensation method of multiple-channel amplitude and phase errors for MIMO imaging radar
      Moving ships refocusing for spaceborne SAR based on Doppler parameters estimation
      Three-step ground moving target detection method for bistatic forward-looking SAR
      Influence of the frequency deviation on the simultaneous polarisation scattering matrix measurement
      Fast and robust adaptive beamforming method based on complex-valued RBF neural network
      Equivalent circuit model of an ultra-wideband frequency selective surface composite absorbing material
      Design and implementation of MIMO radar real-time imaging system based on multicore DSP
      DDMA MIMO radar system for low, slow, and small target detection
      Polarisation-space-time adaptive processing for heterogeneous clutter suppression of airborne-phased array radar
      High-speed optical synthetic aperture radar target recognition system
      Fast measurement method for received array antenna
      Decoupling self-correcting method for non-uniform dual circular array
      Height estimation improvement via motion compensation based on sub-aperture method for interferometry SAR system
      Slant-range accuracy assessment for the YaoGan 13
      Algebraic distributed source localisation algorithm using TDOA and AOA measurements
      Micro-Doppler separation of multi-target based on ACO in midcourse
      Reduced-dimension space-time adaptive processing for airborne radar with co-prime array
      The super-resolution reconstruction of SAR image based on the improved FSRCNN
      Analysis and identification of continuous line target in SAR echo based on sidelobe features
      SAR image compression using optronic processing
      Multi-hypothesis test for close targets detection in co-located MIMO radar
      Research on radar task scheduling with power constraint
      Sparsity-driven bandwidth factorisation autofocus of high-resolution squint SAR imagery reconstructed by FFBP
      Resolution analysis for geostationary spaceborne-airborne bistatic forward-looking SAR
      Near-space hypersonic target coherent integration algorithm based on search compensation
      Integrated time–frequency synchronisation method for cooperative bistatic radar
      Image denoising based on wavelet thresholding and Wiener filtering in the wavelet domain
      Communicating radar using frequency-shift keying and fractional Fourier transform for automotive applications
      New method for airborne SAR image positioning
      Improved hybrid scrubbing scheme for spaceborne static random access memory-based field programmable gate arrays
      Labelled GM-CBMEMBER filter with adaptive track initiation
      Low power millimeter wave radar system for the visually impaired
      BSBL-based multiband fusion ISAR imaging
      Ground clutter suppression method based on FNN for dual-polarisation weather radar
      Doppler beam sharpening/ground moving target indication techniques based on space–time adaptive processing for airborne active phased array fire-control radar
      Target localisation in multistatic radar using BR, TDOA, and AOA measurements
      High-resolution imaging for the multireceiver SAS
      Three-dimensional optimal focusing imaging algorithm for wall-penetrating radar
      Impact of PRF design on GMTI performance of MIMO-SAR for hypersonic platform with curved trajectory
      Adaptive scale segmentation algorithm for polarimetric SAR image
      High-efficiency scene classification based on deep compressed-domain feature
      Design and implementation of multi-channel moving target radar signal simulator
      Low sidelobe waveform design with constant modulus constraint for high-frequency radar
      Improved morphological filtering method for interferograms
      Quantifying insect migration across Bohai strait using weather radar
      Design of large aperture sparse array for mainlobe interference cancellation
      Feature-enhanced SAR imaging algorithm based on attributed scatttering centre models for man-made radar targets
      Three-dimensional reconstruction of space rotating target based on narrow-band radar networks
      Exploiting persymmetry for JDL-STAP
      Collaborative forward-looking imaging and reconnaissance technology for manned/unmanned aerial vehicles
      Fault-tolerant cooperation for time-varying multi-vehicle systems with schemes
      High-speed target detection algorithm based on the RFT for SABBEWR
      Simulation-based configurations study of active millimetre-wave imaging system for personal security
      Demonstration of distributed digital array radar experiment system
      High-resolution distributed ISAR imaging by OMP method
      Corner target positioning with unknown walls' positions
      DeepActivity: a micro-Doppler spectrogram-based net for human behaviour recognition in bio-radar
      Optimisation of sparse array configuration using ambiguity function in automotive radar application
      Multiple hypothesis method for tracking move-stop-move target
      2D scattering centre intensity pre-estimated method based on matrix pencil method
      Superpixel cosegmentation algorithm for synthetic aperture radar image change detection
      Motion compensation method of an imaging radar based on unmanned automobile
      Random forest-based track initiation method
      Wideband planar dipole based on dual-layer artificial magnetic conductor
      Aerial target classification based on feature analysis
      Modulation classification based on denoising autoencoder and convolutional neural network with GNU radio
      Array self-calibration for sky-wave over-the-horizon radar with gain-phase errors
      Parameter estimation for sparse targets in phased-MIMO radar
      Smart noise jamming suppression method based on fast fractional filtering
      SAR image target-detection method based on two-stage CFAR detector with G 0 distribution
      Application of feature modelling method based on SAR image in target interpretation
      Low complex direction of arrival estimation method based on adaptive filtering algorithm
      Input impedance of a microstrip antenna with a chiral substrate based on left-handed spirals
      Miniaturisation of high-frequency SURFACE wave radar transmitting antenna
      SAR ATR with full-angle data augmentation and feature polymerisation
      Silicon-based on-chip four-channel phased-array radar transmitter with ferroelectric thin film at 100 GHz
      Baseline designing and implementation approach for a Geo-SAR tomography system
      Detection & tracking method for radar target based on plot-track quality evaluation
      Proximity-coupled feed patch antenna array for 79 GHz automotive radar
      Research on radar clutter recognition method based on LSTM
      Ship detection and recognition combing one-dimensional range profile with SAR image
      Reinforcement design of radar pulse compression algorithm in space-borne environment
      Broadband direction of arrival estimation via spatial co-prime sampling and polynomial matrix methods
      Cascaded Kalman filter for target tracking in automotive radar
      Design of an omnidirectional antenna with a compact size
      Computing second-order scattering of obtuse dihedral for any incident angle
      Synthesis of uniformly excited sparse rectangular planar array for sidelobe suppression using multi-objective optimisation algorithm
      Deep representation method for radar emitter signal using wavelet packets decomposition
      Motion classification for radar moving target via STFT and convolution neural network
      Fast deconvolution method for angular super-resolution imaging based on sub-space embedding
      Data block processing structure for airship-borne passive bistatic radar
      Efficient multi-sensor path scheduling for cooperative target tracking
      Power optimisation of simultaneously transmitted communication and radar waveforms from a common array
      Anti-jamming method for STAP based on a bi-phase random-coded signal
      Performance analysis of adaptive algorithms for space-time adaptive processor (STAP) in phased array radar
      Sub-array partition method based on particle swarm optimisation for large aperture phased array radar
      Life-detection radar based on wideband chaotic signal
      Radar high-resolution range profile recognition via multi-SV method
      Research on design and key technology of wideband radar intermediate frequency direct acquisition module based on Virtex-7 series FPGA
      Orthogonal waveform separation based on echo compression for airborne MIMO-SAR systems
      Back projection algorithm-based GEO SAR real-time quick Look imaging system
      Multi-layer broadband asymmetric transmission of linearly polarised in active metasurface

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