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Volume 2019, Issue 18, July 2019

Volume 2019, Issue 18

July 2019

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    • Using adaptive control in DFIG-based wind turbine systems to inhibit power system low-frequency oscillations
      Impact of EV fast charging station on distribution system embedded with wind generation
      Performance comparison of passive series R and shunt R-C damped LCL filter for grid-connected inverters
      Numerical research of an effective measure for stabilising floating wind turbines in shallow water
      ZVS Control strategy of dual active bridge DC/DC converter with triple-phase-shift modulation considering RMS current optimization
      Parallel operation of diode-rectifier based HVDC link and HVAC link for offshore wind power transmission
      Voltage source control of offshore all-DC wind farm
      SCADA based nonparametric models for condition monitoring of a wind turbine
      Impact analysis of different charging models for optimal integration of plug-in electric vehicles in distribution system
      Fuzzy chance constraints model based power reference optimisation of wind farm in system restoration
      Smart coordination of battery energy storage systems for voltage control in distribution networks with high penetration of photovoltaics
      Hybrid mixed-integer non-linear programming approach for directional over-current relay coordination
      VSC HVDC active damping for the Sylwin 1 offshore wind power plants
      Probabilistic indexes and evaluation method for network structure adaptability with high-penetration renewable energy
      Impact of renewable energy balancing power in tertiary balancing market on Japanese power system based on automatic generation control standard model
      Droop control method in power converter system for balancing state-of-charge of energy storage units in EV
      Energy class dependent residential battery storage sizing for PV systems in Cyprus
      Two-step market clearing for local energy trading in feeder-based markets
      DBSCAN-based coherency identification of generators using complex wavelet transform
      Dynamic average modelling of renewable generation sources for real time simulation
      DC transformer requirements and fault operation analysis in PV medium voltage DC power collection system
      Development of NIE networks' nodal controller project to deliver reactive power support to the wider electricity system
      An intelligent methodology to improve distribution system operational parameters utilising smart inverter functionalities of PV sources
      A DC fault ride-through and energy dissipation scheme for hybrid MMC-MTDC integrating wind farms with overhead lines
      Simple control strategy for a PV-battery system
      Design of auction-based approach for market clearing in peer-to-peer market platform
      Impact of EV charging/discharging strategies on the optimal operation of islanded microgrid
      Solar energy production forecasting through artificial neuronal networks, considering the Föhn, north and south winds in San Juan, Argentina
      Technical risk synthesis and mitigation strategies of distributed energy resources integration with wireless sensor networks and internet of things – review
      Electric vehicle charge scheduling (EVCS) with PV assistance for variable energy purchase in a multi-aggregator environment
      Frequency-coupled impedance model based subsynchronous oscillation analysis for direct-drive wind turbines connected to a weak AC power system
      Analysis of the impacts of wind power forecast error on power system operation
      FCM Clustering-ANFIS-based PV and wind generation forecasting agent for energy management in a smart microgrid
      Analysis of SSR characteristics in DFIGs based wind farm integrated to a series-compensated network
      Control parameterisation for POD via software-in-the-loop simulation
      Multifunctional applications of batteries within fast-charging stations based on EV demand-prediction of the users’ behaviour
      A decentralised bi-level control approach to wind power regulation via thermostatically controlled loads
      Frequency control of power system including PV and wind farms by using output frequency band control of HVDC interconnection line
      Novel immense configurations of boost converter for renewable energy application
      Particle swarm optimisation technique to improve energy efficiency of doubly-fed induction generators for wind turbines
      Master–slave current regulation of an LCL-filter-based grid-connected inverter under variable grid condition
      A new control strategy for low-voltage ride-through of three-phase grid-connected PV systems
      Unified ZVS strategy for DAB with triple-phase-shift modulation in boost mode
      Enhancing transmission and distribution system coordination and control in GB using power services from DERs
      Enhancing the fault ride through capability of DFIG-based wind energy system using saturated core fault current limiter
      An improved cloud recognition and classification method for photovoltaic power prediction based on total-sky-images
      Assessment of economic benefits of battery energy storage application for the PV-equipped households in Finland
      Novel distributed state estimation method for the AC-DC hybrid microgrid based on the Lagrangian relaxation method
      Online data-driven approach of yaw error estimation and correction of horizontal axis wind turbine
      Wide area coordinated control for low-frequency oscillations damping in a wind-integrated power system
      Solar PV plant for supplying ancillary services in distribution systems
      Primary frequency regulation of the hybrid power system by deloaded PMSG-based offshore wind farm using centralised droop controller
      Dynamic security of islanded power systems with pumped storage power plants for high renewable integration – A study case
      A Markov chain-based model for wind power prediction in congested electrical grids
      Prediction of wind turbine generator bearing failure through analysis of high-frequency vibration data and the application of support vector machine algorithms
      Feasibility analysis of heterogeneous energy storage technology for cloud energy storage with distributed generation
      Investigating wind turbine dynamic transient loads using contactless shaft torque measurements
      Alarms-related wind turbine fault detection based on kernel support vector machines
      Primary frequency regulation supported by battery storage systems in power system dominated by renewable energy sources
      Thermal and economic optimisation of windfarm export cable
      Complementarity assessment of wind-solar energy sources in Shandong province based on NASA
      Investigation of SSO characteristics in grid-connected PMSGs system
      Coordinated active and reactive power control for overvoltage mitigation in physical LV microgrids
      Power-take-off topology comparison for a wave energy converter
      Spatio-temporal Markov chain model for very-short-term wind power forecasting
      Impact of photovoltaic systems on voltage stability in islanded distribution networks
      Stochastic scheduling of battery energy storage system for large-scale wind power penetration
      Interconnection of VSC-HVDC and LCC-HVDC using DC–DC autotransformer
      Optimal sizing and location of vanadium redox flow battery in a power system with high wind power generation
      Research on local voltage control strategy based on high-penetration distributed PV systems
      Transient feasibility assessment and enhancement of resilience-oriented distribution grid restoration using parallel simulations
      Ordinal optimisation approach for complex distribution network reconfiguration
      Assessment of pulsating torque mitigation control strategy through tidal turbine emulation
      Minimising wind power curtailments using OPF considering voltage stability
      Investigation into linear generators with integrated magnetic gear for wave energy power take off
      Optimal day-ahead operation of user-level integrated energy system considering dynamic behaviour of heat loads
      Environmental feasibility of incorporation of electric taxis in South Africa
      Joint generation and voyage scheduling for photovoltaic integrated all-electric ships
      Technical challenges in co-location of battery storage and generation plants
      An optimal self-excited heating method for biogas production under cold climate
      Investigation of a decentralised control strategy for grid frequency support from DC microgrids
      Impact of large-scale EV integration and fast chargers in a Norwegian LV grid
      Smart energy coordination of a hybrid wind/ PV with battery storage connected to grid
      Delivering combined droop and inertial response from wind plant for power system frequency stability
      Investigation of background noise in active distribution network and its impacts on synchrophasor estimation
      Experimental study of PV strings affected by cracks
      Investigation of different system earthing schemes for protection of low-voltage DC microgrids
      Perspectives on solar power in dense urban areas – with Copenhagen International School as case study
      Enabling wind farm to be black-start source by energy storage
      New control paradigm for both islanded and grid-connected operation of PMSG-based wind turbine
      Standardisation of wind turbine SCADA data for gearbox fault detection
      Comprehensive study on fault-ride through and voltage support by wind power generation in AC and DC transmission systems
      Evaluating flexibility values for congestion management in distribution networks within Dutch pilots
      Fast and accurate estimation of multifrequency signals with noise and harmonics in control of photovoltaic systems
      Operation and transient performance of a four-terminal MMC based DC grid implementing high power mechanical DC circuit breaker
      Two-stage stochastic programming for the joint dispatch of energy and reserve considering demand response
      Second-order cone robust AC–DC DOPF considering correlation of wind power
      Optimal operating control strategy for biogas generation under electricity spot market
      Voltage stability index and APFC for performance improvement of modern power systems with intense renewables
      SVD filtering and TLS-ESPRIT algorithm based on stator fault characteristic detection of doubly-fed induction generator
      Combined source-effect of photovoltaic generator and bi-directional dc–dc battery charger on inverter control dynamics
      Dynamic modelling of grid-connected permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbine: rectifier dynamics and control design
      Feasibility analysis of GRIDSOL technology in Fuerteventura: A case study
      Security margin analysis of wind power participating in black start
      Study on the day-ahead co-operation strategy of regional integrated energy system including CCHP
      Development of low translator mass linear Vernier machine for wave energy power take off
      Large direct drive generators: the induction machine as an alternative to permanent magnet machines
      Multi-objective optimisation of hydroelectric PMSG considering water-level variation
      Multiple DRPs to maximise the techno-economic benefits of the distribution network
      Coordinated control and power management of diesel-PV-battery in hybrid stand-alone microgrid system
      Network studies for a 100% converter-based power system
      Decentralised DC voltage control and flexible power regulation for multi-port converter-based energy router
      Third-order harmonic currents suppression method based on selective component compensation for cascaded H-bridge STATCOM under asymmetric grid
      Optimal allocation of wind capacity considering the impact of generation uncertainty based on zonotope limited security regions
      Developing a spatially and temporally explicit solar resource dataset for Great Britain
      Reducing voltage fluctuations using DSTATCOMs and reactive power of PV inverters in a medium voltage distribution system
      Multiobjective optimal sizing of battery energy storage in grid-connected microgrid
      Detection and classification of disturbances in the islanded micro-grid by using wavelet transformation and feature extraction algorithm
      Supplementary frequency control in power systems via decentralised V2G/G2V support
      Network equivalent by vector fitting-based rational approximation in wind power integrated power systems
      Dual-loop control strategy applied to PV/battery-based islanded DC microgrids for swarm electrification of developing regions
      Effective integration of large-scale wind power using PV-STATCOM
      Application of renewable energy resources in a microgrid power system
      Influence of PLL on synthetic inertia of DFIG wind turbine in droop controlled microgrids
      State-of-Charge estimation of Li-ion battery at different temperatures using particle filter
      Test of PV inverters under unbalanced operation
      Modifying the control design of DFIG-based wind turbines in order to inhibit power system oscillations
      Thermal modelling of a small wind turbine gearbox for condition monitoring
      Probability constrained optimisation model for transmission expansion planning considering the curtailment of wind power
      Transient stability-oriented assessment and application of preventive control action for power system
      Research on characteristics of bidirectional CLLC DC–DC transformer used in DC microgrid

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