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Volume 2019, Issue 17, June 2019

Volume 2019, Issue 17

June 2019

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    • Universal droop controller for DC–DC converter interfaces onto a modular multi-tiered DC microgrid
      Design, construction, and testing of an aero-engine starter-generator for the more-electric aircraft
      Operational study of domestic battery energy storage system
      Electronic power steering system – A mechatronic model for simulative analysis of power consumption
      Electrical machines for harsh environments
      Analysis of DC offset in fault current caused by machines in a medium voltage distribution network
      Flap system power drive unit (PDU) architecture optimisation
      Permanent magnet synchronous machine stator windings fault detection by Hilbert–Huang transform
      Field weakening control of a PM vehicle drive
      Parallel current-controlled synchronverters for voltage and frequency regulation in weak grids
      Finite element analysis of a modular brushless wound rotor synchronous machine
      Experimental results from a Thomson-coil actuator for a vacuum interrupter in an HVDC breaker
      Hybrid PV/battery-storage unit for residential applications
      Electromagnetic performance with and without considering the impact of rotation on convective cooling
      Wide frequency range active damping of LCL-filtered grid-connected converters
      High step-up interleaved boost converter utilising stacked half-bridge rectifier configuration
      Torque ripple reduction in homopolar poly-phase transverse flux machine
      Evaluation of an un-regulated input isolated DC–DC converter using WBG devices
      Performance assessment of triple redundant nine-phase delta- and wye-connected permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance motor under healthy and fault conditions
      Novel partitioned stator hybrid excited machines with magnets on slot openings
      Design and evaluation of SiC multichip power module with low and symmetrical inductance
      Use of automated electric drives for limiting dynamic loads in shaft lines of roll mill stands
      Condition monitoring for solder layer degradation in multi-device system based on neural network
      Multi-functional grid-connected inverter with enhanced disturbance rejection capability
      Six-phase dual-interleaved buck-boost converter for high power-density automotive applications
      Common mode voltage elimination in dual-inverter-fed six-phase open-end winding PMSM drives with a single DC supply
      Fast simulation of transient temperature distributions in power modules using multi-parameter model reduction
      Self-commissioning calculation of dynamic models for synchronous machines with magnetic saturation using flux as state variable
      GaN-based single-phase bridgeless PFC boost rectifier
      Control and operation of the MMC-based drive with reduced capacitor voltage fluctuations
      Transverse flux machines as an alternative to radial flux machines in an in-wheel motor
      High-frequency current source converter for a direct drive powertrain in a wave energy converter
      Bi-Signature optical spectroscopy for online fault detection in electrical machines
      PLL controller for achieving zero-voltage switching (ZVS) in inductorless half-bridge drive piezoelectric transformer resonant power supplies
      Comparison of DC linear and non-linear models for multi-terminal VSC HVDC networks
      Influence of stator and rotor geometric parameters on rotor bar current waveform and performance of IMs
      Modular and scalable control and data acquisition system for power hardware in the loop (PHIL) amplifiers
      Development of mobile electrical vehicle for EMI applications
      Design and evaluation of an energy storage system for helicopters
      Analytical modelling and power density optimisation of a single phase dual active bridge for aircraft application
      Fast iron loss prediction method in the pre-design stage of SRMs
      Utilisation of grain-oriented electrical steel in permanent magnet fractional-slot modular machines
      ANN-based grid voltage and frequency forecaster
      Gate-driver circuit with a variable supply voltage to influence the switching losses
      Transient skin effect in power electronic applications
      Direct instantaneous torque control for switched reluctance machines considering mutual coupling
      FEM-coupled simulations and genetic algorithm model applied to reduce the torque ripple of a 2-phase SR motor drive
      Evaluation of DC-link voltage ripple in five-phase PWM voltage source inverters
      Efficiency loss breakdown for synchronous rectification scheme for automotive applications
      Design route towards a PM machine for rotorcraft environments
      Design of electromagnetic components for EV battery chargers
      FPGA implementation of an arbitrary resample rate, FOH, pulse width modulator
      Comparative study of thermal properties of electrical windings impregnated with alternative varnish materials
      Cascaded Boost-Class-E for rotary capacitive power transfer system
      Improved rotor position determination for a sensorless star-connected PMSM drive using Direct Flux Control
      900 V GaN-based sine-wave inverters for three-phase industrial applications
      Magnetic loss measurement of surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous machines used in explosive environments
      Design of a 100 kHz wide bandgap inverter for motor applications with active damped sine wave filter
      Reduction of common-mode voltage using a simplified FSC-MPC for a five-phase induction motor drive
      Harmonics and unbalanced load compensation by a modular multilevel cascaded converter active power conditioner
      Novel 24-slots14-poles fractional-slot concentrated winding topology with low-space harmonics for electrical machine
      Leakage current reduction for a double-leg boost converter by switching transition synchronisation
      Comparison of conventional and cascode drive of SiC BJTs
      Hardware-in-the-loop performance analysis of a railway traction system under sensor faults
      Sizing guidelines for grid-connected decentralised energy storage systems: single house application
      Study of the impact of the incremental optical encoder sensor on the dynamic performance of velocity servosystems
      Current and voltage shaping method via modified dq transformation for the torque ripple compensation in PMSMs
      Torque optimisation of seven-phase BLDC machines in normal and degraded modes with constraints on current and voltage
      Fault blocking converters for HVDC transmission: a transient behaviour comparison
      Fluid flow and heat transfer analysis of TEFC machine end regions using more realistic end-winding geometry
      New modulation scheme for bidirectional qZS modular multi-level converters
      Integrated approach to NVH analysis in electric vehicle drivetrains
      Bidirectional marx DC–DC converter for offshore wind farm application
      Multilayer air gap winding designs for electric machines: theory, design, and characterisation
      Optimising the structure of a cascaded modular battery system for enhancing the performance of battery packs
      Performance of a tubular machine driven by an external-combustion free-piston engine
      Phase voltage distortion of IPM and SPM machines with distributed windings in field weakening region
      Space vector PWM technique for a two-level asymmetrical six-phase drive
      Winding arrangement and design development for fault tolerant EPS systems
      Novel islanding detection method for inverter-based distributed generators based on adaptive reactive power control
      Novel PLL for power converters under unbalanced and distorted grid conditions
      Multi-physics design optimisation of a GaN-based integrated modular motor drive system
      Fast compensation of DC bus voltage drops using modular multilevel converters
      New modelling of photovoltaic power integration system and its control strategy for medium-voltage DC distribution network
      Modelling of a virtual power plant using hybrid automata
      Suppression factor as evaluation criterion for wide-frequency filtering equipment
      Lumped parameter model of the novel L-C-T used in the PSFB ZVS converter
      Hybrid control approach for fast switching MMCs
      Performance of high-power thomson coil actuator excited by a current pulse train
      Ferrite-based axial flux permanent magnet generator for wind turbines
      Adaptive MF tuned fuzzy logic speed controller for BLDC motor drive using ANN and PSO technique
      Performance comparison between consequent-pole and inset modular permanent magnet machines
      Rapid sizing concept of interior permanent magnet machine for traction applications
      Dual polarity DC–DC converter integrated grid-tied single-phase transformer less inverter for solar application
      Feasibility study: investigation of car park-based V2G services in the UK central hub
      Mass reduction of superconducting power generators for large wind turbines
      Improved sampling algorithm for stochastic modelling of random-wound electrical machines
      Dual three-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine investigation for battery electric vehicle power-trains
      Mover guide in a linear electric generator with double-sided stationary stators
      Influence of static and dynamic rotor/stator misalignments in axial flux magnetically geared machines
      Development of a straight pole four-phase double-stator switched reluctance machine
      LQR controller design for quad-rotor helicopters
      Minimising UMP in DFIGs
      Assessment of the impact of MMC-VSC intrinsic energy on power system stability
      Design and comparative evaluation of converter topologies for six-phase switched reluctance motor drives
      Numerical investigations of convective phenomena of oil impingement on end-windings
      Current derivative measurement using closed-loop hall-effect current sensor
      Impact of DC protection strategy of large HVDC network on frequency response of the connected AC system
      Fault tolerant single-phase capacitor start capacitor run induction motor powered with cascaded multilevel quasi impedance source inverter
      Design of a three-phase 100 A linear amplifier for power-hardware-in-the-loop machine emulation
      PWM-based Flux linkage estimation for permanent magnet synchronous machines
      Optimised design consideration of suspension choppers in Maglev train using SiC MOSFET modules
      Comparative analysis of salient pole and flux barrier rotor for synchronous reluctance machines including flux weakening range
      Effects of manufacturing tolerances of permanent magnets in fractional slot permanent magnet synchronous machines
      Different options for multi-rotor wind turbine grid connection
      Evaluation of three optical-encoder-based speed estimation methods for motion control.
      Dynamic voltage stability of unbalanced distribution system with high penetration of single-phase PV units
      Design of a cost-effective magnetic gearbox for an aerospace application
      Ultra-fast moving coil actuator for power switches in medium-voltage grids
      Performance of superconducting generators with different topologies under fault conditions
      Analysis and calculation method of critical voltage of DC commutation process considering AC system single-phase fault moments
      Electromagnetic analysis of a wind turbine magnetic gearbox
      Successive injections modulation of a direct three-phase to single-phase AC/AC converter for a contactless electric vehicle charger
      Robust AVR design for the synchronous generator
      Modular multilevel converter with DHB energy-balancing channels for medium-voltage adjustable-speed drives
      Synchronisation of a distributed control and data acquisition system for modular multi-level PHIL amplifiers
      FEA model study of spectral signature patterns of PM demagnetisation faults in synchronous PM machines
      Rapid-prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop laboratory platform for development and testing of electro-mechanical actuator controls
      Techno-economic evaluation of power electronics-assisted transmission system frequency regulation
      Design of a full SiC three-phase power factor correction with an interleaved output buck converter
      Feasibility study of embedded FBG thermal sensing use for monitoring electrical fault-induced thermal excitation in random wound coils
      Battery energy management strategies for UK firm frequency response services and energy arbitrage
      Research on motor with nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy stator cores
      Automated design tools for piezoelectric transformer-based power supplies
      Efficiency optimisation of an interleaved high step-up converter
      Arbitrary d–q current sharing in three-phase winding sets of multi-phase machines
      Three-phase fixed-frequency interleaved (LC)(L)-type series-resonant converter with a capacitive output filter
      Integration of non-isolated DC–DC converters in battery storage systems – a topological exploration
      Generalised overmodulation approach applied to symmetrical and asymmetrical cascaded multilevel converters with faults on the converter power cells
      Sub-assembly experiments to determine PWM supply-induced losses in electric machines
      Non-isolated resonant link DC–DC converter for use with GaN devices
      High-resolution FPGA-pulse width modulation applied to PFC 2 MHz converter using eGaN field effect transistor
      Novel maximum power point tracking strategies for electronically tuned linear alternators
      Vector control strategies to enable equal frequency operation of the modular multilevel matrix converter
      Switched reluctance motor design for electric vehicles based on harmonics and back EMF analysis
      Extreme environment interconnects and packaging for power electronics
      Next-generation integrated drive: A high power density permanent magnet synchronous drive with flooded stator cooling
      Smart management system for improving the reliability and availability of substations in smart grid with distributed generation
      Comparative investigation of stator-mounted permanent magnet machines under fault conditions
      Flux concentrated doubly salient linear permanent magnet machine
      Non-linear MPC for winding loss optimised torque control of anisotropic PMSM
      Study on high voltage ride through control strategy of PMSG-based wind turbine generation system with SCESU
      Harvesting wind gust energy with small and medium wind turbines using a bidirectional control strategy
      Investigation of stator slot/rotor pole combination of flux reversal permanent magnet machine with consequent-pole PM structure
      Noise mitigation in dual three-phase internal permanent magnet machines by injection of current harmonics
      Detection and classification of turn fault and high-resistance connection fault in inverter-fed permanent magnet machines based on high-frequency signals
      Self-organising technique for carrier synchronisation and phase offset distribution in modular, fault-tolerant converters
      Probabilistic adaptive model predictive power pinch analysis (PoPA) energy management approach to uncertainty
      Study of the assembly, build and test of a linear transverse flux machine
      Hardware-in-the-loop test for real-time economic control of a DC microgrid
      Sensorless control of PMSM using an adaptively tuned SCKF
      Unidirectional DC/DC modular multilevel converter for offshore windfarm with the control strategy based on stationary frame
      Influence of parametric uncertainties and their interactions on small-signal stability: A case example of parallel-connected active loads in a DC microgrid
      Optimal segmented rotor design for the embedded electrical machine for the more electric aircraft
      Small power ZVS circuits for the marine-controlled source electromagnetic transmitter
      Investigation on filter requirements and stability effects of SiC MOSFET-based high-frequency grid-connected converters
      Wind energy conversion system based on open-end winding three-phase PMSG coupled with ac−dc buck-boost converter
      New method for experimental modal analysis of hydrogenerator's stator core using the excitation from the Poles
      Research on a novel drive unit of fast mechanical switch with modular double capacitors
      Space modulation profile modelling for steer-by-wire SMPMSM
      Flux control modulation for the dual active bridge DC/DC converter
      Continuous demagnetisation assessment for triple redundant nine-phase fault-tolerant permanent magnet machine
      State-variable and cyclic-averaging analysis of bidirectional CLLC resonant converters
      Analysis of magnetic field distribution in induction machine with combined star-delta stator winding
      Comparative study of inner and outer rotor bearingless synchronous reluctance motors
      Simple and robust model predictive control of PMSM with moving horizon estimator for disturbance compensation
      Effect of tooth tips on the electromagnetic performance of PM fractional-slot modular machines using grain-oriented electrical steel
      Design of fractional slot windings with coil span of two slots for use in six-phase synchronous machines
      Use of fractional-conductor windings and semi-magnetic slot wedges in synchronous machines
      Dual modular multilevel converter with shared capacitor sub-module for MV open-end stator winding machine drives
      Experimental comparison of two linear machines developed for the free piston engine
      Detection of humidity ingress using online common-mode insulation impedance-monitoring system
      Non-invasive method for rotor bar fault diagnosis in three-phase squirrel cage induction motor with advanced signal processing technique
      Proposal of a compact magnetically levitated transverse flux permanent magnet linear synchronous motor as a 6-DOF transport carrier
      Electromagnetic-thermal coupled modelling and analysis of inter-turn short-circuit faults of a permanent magnet alternator
      CFD and experimental investigation into a non-intrusive method for measuring cooling air mass flow rate through a synchronous generator
      Accuracy improvement for complex harmonic analysis modelling of a wound field synchronous generator
      Investigation of wire insulation for high-temperature motor windings
      High-voltage switch-mode assisted linear amplifier based voltage source for dielectric low frequency-domain spectroscopy measurements
      Power converter junction temperature measurement using infra-red sensors
      Selecting appropriate fuzzy PID control structure for power electronic applications
      Three-level GaN inverter with SiC diodes for a possible three-phase high power solution
      Comparison of damping techniques for the soft-stop of ultra-fast linear actuators for HVDC breaker applications
      Generator configuration for helicopter quadruplex electric tail rotor
      Evaluating suitable semiconducting materials for cryogenic power electronics
      Novel protection scheme for high-voltage direct-current transmission lines based on one-terminal transient AC voltage
      Fluid flow measurement in rotor ventilation ducts
      Solid-state transformer based on modular multilevel converters
      Effects of phase leg reactor, submodule capacitor, number of submodules and switching frequency on harmonics in modular multilevel converters
      Comparison of different synchronous machines with stator-side permanent magnets for industrial drive application
      Feasibility study of an induction motor rim drive for an aircraft boundary-layer-ingestion fan
      DC protection for a multi-terminal HVDC network including offshore wind power, featuring a reduced DC circuit breaker count
      Optimisation of hybrid energy systems for maritime vessels
      Performance of multi-stage axial-flux machines with MMEs
      Benefits of the CI-CCS converter
      Design of a six-phase asymmetrical permanent magnet synchronous generator for wind energy applications
      High-voltage pulse generator using sequentially charged full-bridge modular multilevel converter Sub-modules, for water treatment applications
      DC–DC converter with a high step-down ratio for water desalination applications
      Segmented, modular synchronous reluctance direct-drive minimising the drive-train costs
      Modelling and control of the roll-stabilised control unit of a rotary steerable system directional drilling tool
      Linear consequent pole Halbach array flux reversal machine
      FEM approach for diagnosis of induction machines' non-adjacent broken rotor bars by short-time Fourier transform spectrogram
      Frequency and operational characteristics of an ultra-lightweight machine converting energy by magnetic resonance coupling
      Determination of synchronous machine parameters through the SSFRT test and artificial neural networks
      Enhancing functional safety in FPGA-based motor drives
      Comparison of optimal slot/pole number combinations in fractional slot permanent magnet synchronous machines having similar slot and pole numbers
      TC48: A low-cost 48 V integrated drive for mild hybrid electric vehicles
      Systematic design study into the influence of rotational speed on the torque density of surface-mounted permanent magnet machines

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