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Volume 2019, Issue 13, January 2019

Volume 2019, Issue 13

January 2019

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    • Visual prediction of gas diffusion concentration based on regression analysis and BP neural network
      Variable step strategy for online secondary path modelling in active vibration control systems
      Dynamic and static sealing performance of elastic check valve spool
      Analysis on anti-wear mechanism of bionic non-smooth surface based on discrete phase model
      Improved design and parameter optimisation of the transmission mechanism of a tobacco stalk pull-out crusher
      Combined motion control of hydraulic boom based on dynamic surface adaptive fuzzy sliding mode
      Numerical simulation model of a reciprocating seal based on the mixed-lubrication theory
      Design and optimisation of cushioning structure of hydraulic free-piston engine
      Research on low-speed performance of continuous rotary electro-hydraulic servo motor based on robust control with Adaboost prediction
      Research on differential performance of four-wheel independent steering of a hydraulic wheel-driving off-road vehicle
      Mechanical simulation and installation position optimisation of a lifting cylinder of a scissors aerial work platform
      Design of a high water-based fluid, high-pressure, and large-flow safety valve
      Reliability analysis of tractor multi-way valves based on the improved weighted grey relational method
      Parameters and control optimisation of hybrid vehicle based on simulation model
      Design and analysis of an active-controlled hydraulic low-frequency vibration isolator
      Vibration characteristics of the two-stage throttle valve induced by cavitation
      Fault diagnosis approach of rolling bearing based on NA-MEMD and FRCMAC
      Research on flow characteristics of aerostatic circular thrust bearing
      Research on geometrical parameters effect of fan nozzle jet performance based on orthogonal experiment
      Numerical simulation and analysis of temperature and flow field of high-speed axial piston motor pump
      Transmission characteristics of magnetic resonance coupling-based multi-load wireless power transmission system
      PID–PFC control of continuous rotary electro-hydraulic servo motor applied to flight simulator
      Semi-physical real-time control of electro-hydraulic proportional position servo system based on Matlab/xPC
      Experimental study on jet flow characteristics of fire water monitor
      PIV experimental study on the flow field characteristics of axial flow blood pump under three operating conditions
      Design and analysis on the flow fluctuation of a new horizontal space multiphase crankshaft pump
      Analysis of cavitation flow in conical throttle valve with different cone angle
      Numerical–experimental research on the influence of inclined angle on the flow characteristics of angle seat valve
      Active vibration control of smart flexible piezoelectric beam with a tip mass using hybrid FX-VSSLMS algorithm
      Research on adaptive modulus maxima selection of wavelet modulus maxima denoising
      System study of pneumatic exoskeleton rehabilitation manipulator
      Mechanical analysis and verification of the large-scale rack structure about the zero-gravity test of manipulator of the space station
      Energy-saving system of secondary balance for the hybrid power of the pumping unit
      Study on coordinated control of steering system for the hydraulic trucks combined transportation
      Dynamic characteristics analysis and dual motor synchronous control of hydraulic lifting system for large cranes
      Study on the vibration isolation characteristics of an anti-resonant hydropneumatic suspension
      Design and modelling of CRB cutting equipment for batch processing
      Hydraulic system fault diagnosis method based on a multi-feature fusion support vector machine
      Structure design of a miniature and jumping robot for search and rescue
      Mesh stiffness calculation of helical gears with profile modification
      Study on hydrodynamic numerical simulation and radical offset characteristics of outflow cone valve
      Analysis of the electromechanical coupling mechanism and torsional vibration characteristics of a high-speed train drive system
      Behaviour of unimorph ring-shaped piezoelectric actuator in fluidic valve
      Numerical simulation for multi-way valves and fit clearance research based on heat–fluid–solid coupling
      Analysis and experimental validation of a pressure control method using magneto-rheology fluid flows
      Hysteretic non-linearity observer design and robust control for piezoelectric actuators
      Optimisation of a lithium-ion battery package based on heat flow field analysis
      Dynamic characteristic analysis and fault diagnosis of load-sensitive drive system for loaders
      New structure of pneumatic networks actuators for soft robotics
      Workspace analysis for a five degrees of freedom hybrid engraving plotter
      Relationship between the engaging force of planetary gear train and the position-correlated modal properties
      Influence of liquid film thickness on bearing characteristics of magnetic-liquid suspension guide-way
      Teeth profile parameter design and transmission property analysis of external generating wave movable teeth transmission
      Structure of an ultrahigh internal pressure compound cylinder and its simulation by AMESim
      Investigation of the crosswind effect on the performance of the atmospheric air purification tower
      Uniform switched control strategy of valve-controlled asymmetric hydraulic system
      Study on the effect of the pressure characteristics of the cone throttle on the cavitation
      Parameters design for a non-linear absorber based on phase trajectory analysis
      Analysis of internal flow field for a three-stage centrifugal fan under various operating conditions
      Study on dynamic characteristics analysis of CNC pipe thread lathe based on the energy of modal effective mass
      Application of electro-hydraulic proportional control in cathode rod pulling out system of lead electrolysis
      Research on modular modelling for the hydraulic system of a vehicle shift
      Research on modelling and simulation of a new variable displacement oil pump
      Research on the planar-coil linear time grating
      Design and control of load simulator for throttling system of large hydraulic press
      Comparative evaluation on friction and wear characteristics of SiC, Si3N4, Al2O3, and ZrO2 sliding against PEEK composite for seawater hydraulic axial piston pumps
      Performance prediction of tobacco flavouring using response surface methodology and artificial neural network
      Numerical investigations on the sabots discard process of an APFSDS at different angles of attack
      Research on position inverse solution of electric-driven Stewart platform based on Simulink
      Aerodynamic drag reduction in a vehicle based on efficient global optimisation
      Modeling and co-simulation based on Adams and AMESim of pivot steering system
      Gas–liquid flow field analysis of the compressor vorticity and rotational speed based on NASA Stage 36
      Design of removable vending machine and research on the key implementation technology
      Fatigue crack fault diagnosis and prognosis based on hidden semi-Markov model
      Study on droplet behaviour in the gas–liquid coupled fan flow field
      Research on variable pressure characteristics of step variable hydraulic hybrid system based on cartridge value group
      Comparison of the passive and active control gust alleviation of a flying-wing aircraft
      Constitutive model of shape memory alloy under the effect of martensite plasticity for finite-element applications
      Leakage fault diagnosis method of aircraft landing gear hydraulic cylinder based on wavelet packet
      Mixing characteristic of both subsonic and supersonic unsteady circular jets
      Research on modelling of piezoelectric micro-positioning stage based on PI hysteresis model
      Gravity and inertial load adaptive control of wall-climbing robot

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