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Volume 2019, Issue 12, December 2019

Volume 2019, Issue 12

December 2019

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    • Resilience of data centre power system: modelling of sustained operation under outage, definition of metrics, and application
      Microstrip antenna with L-shaped slots for circularly polarised satellite applications
      Advancements in co-simulation techniques in combined transmission and distribution systems analysis
      Design considerations, modelling, and control of dual-active full bridge for electric vehicles charging applications
      Optimisation and improvement of transportation assembly model of civil aviation cargo aircraft
      Weight empowerment method in information fusion for radar-seeker performance evaluation
      Implicit common-mode resonance by parasitic capacitances in LC oscillators for Ka-band satellite receiver
      Intensity gradient based edge detection for pixelated communication systems
      Research on sensitivity analysis of wind power consumption capability of integrated energy system based on unified optimal power flow model
      Incomplete neighbourhood multi-granulation decision-theoretic rough set in the hybrid-valued decision system
      Experimental and finite element studies of a 250 kW brushless doubly fed induction generator
    • Low-cost RF 802.11g telemetry for flight guidance system development

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