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Volume 2018, Issue 5, May 2018

Volume 2018, Issue 5

May 2018

Abnormal event detection based on cosparse reconstruction
Development of a generalised PV model in MATLAB/Simulink using datasheet values
High-power low-loss air-dielectric stripline Gysel divider/combiner for particle accelerator applications at 352 MHz
DOA estimation for monostatic MIMO radar using enhanced sparse Bayesian learning
Local tentative bonding method to maintain alignment accuracy in bonding process using resin as an adhesive material
Enhancement techniques for abnormality detection using thermal image
Transoral robotic surgery advantages and disadvantages: a narrative review
Implementation of maximum efficiency control for matrix-converter-based interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systems
Effect of wind units on market clearing price, transmission congestion and network reliability in transmission expansion planning
Isolated soft-switched boost DC–DC converter with low-voltage stress and high step-up ratio

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