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Volume 2018, Issue 17, November 2018

Volume 2018, Issue 17

November 2018

Transient stability analysis based on the state-plane trajectory and the relative kinetic energy change rate
Real-time hybrid simulation platform for wide-area monitoring and control applications
Method to control flux balancing of high-frequency transformers in dual active bridge dc–dc converters
High step-up three level boost converter with inverse characteristic
Simplified approach of maximum electric field distribution on the ground near HVAC–HVDC shared tower transmission lines
Detailed description and analysis of the cross-coupling magnetic saturation on permanent magnet synchronous motor
Convolutional sequence to sequence non-intrusive load monitoring
Three-dimensional magnetic flux leakage signal analysis and imaging method for tank floor defect
Operation strategy of energy hub for commercial buildings based on tiered temperature control
Modified hill climbing MPPT algorithm with reduced steady-state oscillation and improved tracking efficiency
Capacity guaranteed control method for air conditioning cluster joining power grid frequency regulation
Analytics of high-penetration renewable energy accommodation using power system operation simulation
Small-signal stability analysis of Energy Internet through differential inclusion theory
Analysis of electromagnetic exciting force and vibration of rotating armature permanent magnet synchronous motor
Management and development performance assessment for electric distribution company based on data mining
Electric load data characterising and forecasting based on trend index and auto-encoders
Battery–supercapacitor hybrid energy storage system for wind power suppression based on the turbulence model of wind speed
Data-based cascade control of permanent magnet synchronous motor with industrial robot application
Multi-criterion integrated method for low-frequency oscillation-type identification

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