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Volume 2018, Issue 16, November 2018

Volume 2018, Issue 16

November 2018

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    • Three-way recommendation integrating global and local information
      Application of quantisation-based deep-learning model compression in JPEG image steganalysis
      Text clustering algorithm based on deep representation learning
      Improved bare PCB defect detection approach based on deep feature learning
      Combining HWEBING and HOG-MLBP features for pedestrian detection
      Solution of the inverse problem of magnetic induction tomography based on Helmholtz coil
      Incremental multivariate Markov chain model
      Information measure of absolute and relative quantification in double-quantitative decision-theoretic rough set model
      3D vision measurement for small devices based on consumer sensors
      Harvesting sequence planning of a harvesting robot based on the principle of minimum energy consumption
      Bi-directional CRC algorithm using CNN-based features for face classification
      Invert-U-Net DNN segmentation model for MRI cardiac left ventricle segmentation
      Pedestrian trajectory prediction via the Social-Grid LSTM model
      Attribute reduction in interval-valued fuzzy ordered decision tables via evidence theory
      Equilibrium point smooth escape algorithm for local route of unmanned surface vehicles
      Effect of demographic structure on resource utilisation using term frequency–inverse document frequency algorithm – evidence from China
      Multi-feature consultation model for human action recognition in depth video sequence
      Research on intelligent dispatching strategy of power grid using multi-agent and knowledge discovery algorithm
      Pitch tracking algorithm based on evolutionary computing with regularisation in very low SNR
      RGB-D static gesture recognition based on convolutional neural network
      Multi-objective social spider optimisation algorithm
      CNN-based reference comparison method for classifying bare PCB defects
      Handover detection approach based on trajectory data mining techniques
      Vector-based approaches for computing approximations in multigranulation rough set
      Smartphone-based speed acquisition and differential evolution modelling for fitness running
      Intelligent scheduling method for energy saving operation of multi-train based on genetic algorithm and regenerative kinetic energy
      Multiple layers uneven clustering algorithm based on residual energy for wireless sensor networks
      Indoor positioning technology based on map information perception
      Deep imitation reinforcement learning with expert demonstration data
      Human trajectory prediction for automatic guided vehicle with recurrent neural network
      Research on path planning of real-time obstacle avoidance of mechanical arm based on genetic algorithm
      New microscopic image sequence-driven cell deformation model
      Landlord's equal cards force generation algorithm
      Vehicle chaos identification and intelligent suppression under combined excitation of speed bump and engine
      Beetle swarm optimisation for solving investment portfolio problems
      Robust visual tracking via two-stage binocular sparse learning
      Convolutional neural network-based multi-label classification of PCB defects
      Dynamic target tracking based on corner enhancement with Markov decision process
      Fusion-based holistic road scene understanding
      Research on initial alignment of vehicle strapdown inertial navigation system
      Multi-adjoint intuitionistic fuzzy rough sets
      Intelligent identification of gas anomalous area by electro-magnetic joint exploration technology
      Scene classification of remote sensing images based on hierarchical sparse coding
      Hysteretic chaotic neural network for crossbar switch problems
      Accurate image registration method for PCB defects detection
      Linear representation of intra-class discriminant features for small-sample face recognition
      Kinematics analysis and experiment of a lily picking mechanical arm
      Intelligent decision method for supplier selection
      Method for improving zero-shot image classification
      Button recognition with texture feature based on spiking neural network
      Optimisation algorithm for decision trees and the prediction of horizon displacement of landslides monitoring
      Image segmentation based on modified superpixel segmentation and spectral clustering
      Model compression of SDM-based face alignment for mobile applications
      Entropy-based feature extraction algorithm for stone carving character detection
      Study on control strategy for personalised lane-change on highway
      Influence of the hybrid-driven method on the electromagnetic properties of an electromagnetic motor
      Research on the Opening Book of the computer game of draughts
      Defect detection of PCB based on Bayes feature fusion
      Semantic model of ship behaviour based on ontology engineering
      Optimisation design investigation of a cylindrical end curve towards a non-continuous profile of a cam mechanism
      Synthetic training samples for enhanced locality-constrained dictionary learning
      Autonomous-driving vehicle test technology based on virtual reality
      Application of stack marginalised sparse denoising auto-encoder in fault diagnosis of rolling bearing
      Efficient community detection method based on attribution of nodes in complex network
      Boundary node detection for WSNs based on simple community percolation
      Robust image registration of printed circuit boards using improved SIFT-PSO algorithm

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