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Volume 2018, Issue 15, October 2018

Volume 2018, Issue 15

October 2018

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    • Average-value model of micro gas turbine systems and its application to online validation of service restoration schemes
      Analysis on current characteristics of PMSG under grid three-phase fault
      Virtual site acceptance test platform for IEC 61850 based substations with multi-vendor bay solutions
      Grid topology and technology influences on selective protection concepts for multi-terminal medium voltage DC grids
      Distance protection in 150/60 kV transformer 60 kV feeders: two real blackout case studies
      Testing of IEC 61850 sampled values based digital substation automation systems
      Service restoration to critical loads using microgrids considering dynamic performance of DGs
      Using fault current limiting mode of a hybrid DC breaker
      Hardware-in-the-loop tests on distance protection considering VSC fault-ride-through control strategies
      Travelling wave protection with disturbance classification for distribution grids with distributed generation
      Application of differential protection to offshore wind farm for earth fault detection with substantially unbalanced charging current
      GOOSE performance assessment on an IEC 61850 redundant network
      Sequence component-based approach for load desensitisation of distance protections
      Automatic analysis of faulty low voltage network asset using deep neural networks
      Assessment and analysis of different process bus redundancy networks performance for IEC61850-based digital substation
      Modelling and simulation of a time-domain line protection relay
      Synchronous rotor thermal model based on stator current modulation
      Fault current control methods for multi-terminal DC systems based on fault blocking converters
      Phase shift compensation method for the line differential protection on UHV-AC transmission lines
      Generator protection of a bidirectional generator test-bench working at off-nominal frequencies and a wide range of voltages
      Localised fault location on a distribution network – case studies and experience
      Modelling optimisation and protection outcomes from distributed assets controlled to reduce a PMU based multi-objective cost function
      Tinkering with the power balance of a transformer
      Testing of Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) in a digital substation
      Impedance-based pilot protection for ultra-high-voltage/extra-high-voltage transmission lines
      Fast DC fault location and isolation strategy for the flexible multi-terminal DC system
      Impact of ‘intermediate’ sources on distance protection of transmission lines
      Internet of things: how the electrical grid can be controlled and managed in other dimensions
      Evaluation of the limitations of a permissive overreach protection scheme in a distribution loop in case of cross country faults and proposal of alternative solutions
      Impact of dc bias on operating performance of current transformers
      Global Positioning System and GLObal NAvigation Satellite System constellations for better time synchronising reliability
      Fast phase selection method based on transient current for UHV transmission lines
      Current-restrained DC under-voltage protection for a bipolar HVDC system
      Application of distance protection in mixed overhead-underground distribution feeders with distributed generation
      HVDC protection criteria for transient stability of AC systems with embedded HVDC links
      Distance protection of multiple-circuit shared tower transmission lines with different voltages and underground cable sections
      Application of settings and SGs in IEC 61850
      Sensitive ground fault detection in compensated systems (arc suppression coil). What is influencing the sensitivity?
      Performance of fault-level estimation functions in future distribution networks
      Protection assessment in electrical distribution grids based on state estimation
      Metrology requirements of state-of-the-art protection schemes for DC microgrids
      Application of IEC 61850 for distribution network automation with distributed control
      New approach to modelling protection in grid planning studies
      Assessment methodology and performance indicators for HVDC grid protection strategies
      Estimation of travelling wave arrival time in longitudinal differential protections for multi-terminal HVDC systems
      Three-phase adaptive reclosure for transmission lines with shunt reactors using mode current oscillation frequencies
      Hardware-in-the-loop testing of impedance protection with compensation of fault impedance and DG infeed current
      Regression test approach for testing of protection IEDs to improve field testing quality and support knowledge management
      Protecting frequency stability using local inertial mapping
      Two-layer coordination architecture HIF detection with µPMU data
      Advanced RTDS-based studies of the impact of STATCOM on feeder distance protection
      Influence of mutual coupling modelling on the effectiveness of a distance relaying algorithm applicable to long parallel transmission lines
      Future standardisation requirements for dependable overcurrent protection in intentionally islanded LV microgrids build by distributed inverters
      Combined islanding detection scheme utilising active network management for future resilient distribution networks
      Review of frequency stability services for grid balancing with wind generation
      Requirement analysis of hybrid direct current breaker in multi-terminal high-voltage direct current grids
      Design of DC-line terminating inductors for enhancement of protective functions in MTDC grids
      Impact of an inverter-based DG on a double-ended fault location method
      Busbar earthfault protection methods on LCI static starter turbogenerators using generator protection relays
      Deploying correct fault loop in distance protection of multiple-circuit shared tower transmission lines with different voltages
      Comparison of CT secondary open-circuit protection system technologies
      Return of the dedicated DFR: how IEC 61850 process bus simplifies DFR installation
      Innovative solution for overcurrent relay coordination studies in power delivery networks using optimisation techniques
      New smart multi-ended differential solution for power networks
      Performance evaluation of the travelling wave-based differential protection when applied on Hybrid Transmission Lines
      High impedance fault modelling and application of detection techniques with EMTP-RV
      Performance of protection relays during stable and unstable power swings
      Methodology for P&C cyber security studies using real-time digital simulation
      First digital substation in TransGrid – Australia: a journey, business case, lessons
      Implementation of a process bus based feeder protection and measurement system operating as alternate protection at CTEEP's Embu-Guaçu substation
      Impact of measurement and communication aspects on protection of multi-terminal DC grids
      Detailed analysis of the future distribution network protection issues
      Power line signalling based earth fault location
      Energy and reactive power differential protection hardware-in-the-loop validation for transformer application
      Fault location method for high-voltage direct current transmission line using incident current travelling waves
      Distributed current sensing technology for protection and fault location applications in high-voltage direct current networks
      New design of ground fault protection
      Field experience with sympathetic tripping in distribution networks: problems and solutions
      Study on the estimation method of minimum ESS capacity considering frequency and voltage protection
      Utilisation of IEC61850 GOOSE for improvement of EFP sensitivity in compensated MV networks
      Cybersecurity for shared infrastructure substation networks with IEC 61850 GOOSE and Sampled Values
      Investigating the impact of network security on the line current differential protection system
      Coordinated protection and control strategy with wind power integration for distribution network
      Increasing sensitivity for transformer protection using incremental differential
      Performance of out-of-step tripping protection under renewable integration
      Distributed signal processing units for centralised substation protection and control
      Type D travelling wave fault location on branched underground low-voltage networks
      Analysis of single-ended protection based on boundary element for transmission lines
      Practical approach to testing the transformer differential protection for internal and external faults, CT saturation and inrush transients
      Utilisation of symmetrical components in a communication-based protection for loop MV feeders with variable short-circuit power
      Grid-wide area protection settings analysis using protection settings evaluation tool
      Solutions for blinding of protection in today's and future German LV grids with high inverter penetration – simulative and experimental analysis
      Fault discrimination and protection coordination for a bipolar full-bridge MMC-HVDC scheme
      Transient-based protection technique for future DC grids utilising travelling wave power
      Impact of CT saturation on overcurrent relays
      Earth fault location in compensated MV network using a handheld measuring device
      Fault detection and location algorithm for DG-integrated distribution systems
      Effect of Network Protection Requirements on the Design of a Flexible AC/DC-link
      Parametric analysis of the travelling wave-based differential protection TW87
      Adaptive multiple-master strategy for power management of distributed generators in an islanded distribution subsystem
      Generator grouping cutset determination based on tree construction and constrained spectral clustering
      RTDS-based HIL testing platform for complex modern electricity transmission systems
      Modular protection system for fault detection and selective fault clearing in DC microgrids
      Travelling waves-based fault location scheme for feeders in power distribution network
      Differential protection in power transformers using the statistical second central moment
      Practical risk assessment of the relaxation of LOM protection settings in NIE Networks' distribution system
      Methods for testing automation and control
      Advanced simulation of IEDs
      Analysis of the characteristics of fault-induced travelling waves in MMC-HVDC grid
      Test of a fast adaptive reclosing algorithm for transmission lines using a programmable hardware
      Time-domain application of superimposed quantities in the phase comparison transmission line protection scheme
      Structured approach to maintenance and modification of a railway traction IEC 61850 substation automation system
      Protection strategy for multi-terminal high-voltage direct current grids using SFCLs at converter station output

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