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Volume 2018, Issue 14, 2018

Volume 2018, Issue 14


0.85 THz truncated sine waveguide traveling-wave tube with sheet beam tunnel
Study on plasma-photonic-crystal-like beam–plasma system
Design of a 340 GHz phase-velocity-taper travelling wave tube
Oversized coaxial output cavity for Ka band relativistic klystron
Design of transverse magnetic field sweeping solenoids for 140 GHz mega-watt gyrotrons
Impact of radial deviation of electron beam on backward wave oscillation in helix TWT
Design and simulation of the high-frequency structure for a G-band extended interaction klystron
Microstrip angular log-periodic slow wave structure on quartz substrate with coaxial input/output coupler
Design of W-band sheet beam travelling wave tubes based on staggered double vane slow wave structure
Experiment on Ka-band amplifiers degraded and damaged by electromagnetic waves
Design of a Vlasov mode converter of 263 GHz gyrotron oscillator for DNP-NMR

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