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Volume 2018, Issue 13, 2018

Volume 2018, Issue 13


Design and operating mode analysis of hybrid actuation system based on EHA/SHA
Consideration and validation of flight control requirements under all engine failure conditions for MEA
State-of-the-art and some considerations on thermal load analysis and thermal management for hydraulic system in MEA
Research on DC/DC phase-shifted full-bridge converter system identification
Spectral analysis of a SVPWM modulated matrix converter based on 3D Fourier integral
Comparative stability and sensitivity analysis of disturbance-observer-based disturbance attenuation methods in more electric aircraft DC power system
CMV reduction for five-level ANPC converter by PS-PWM strategy
Speed-sensorless direct torque control scheme for matrix converter driven induction motor
Transient simulation and analysis of wing electrothermal ice protection system
Hardware-in-the-loop real-time platform for more electric aircraft
Phase-shift full bridge power supply based on SiC devices
Thermal analysis of fault-tolerant electrical machines for more electric aircraft applications
Effective measures for improving switching performance of SiC JFET bi-directional switches
Rotor position on-line estimation of aircraft brushless synchronous motor based on multi-stage-structure characteristics
Control and optimisation of hybrid electric propulsion system for light aircraft
Behavioural modelling and power quality simulation of a HVDC electric power system for MEA
Control strategy for dual three-phase PMSM based on reduced order mathematical model under fault condition due to open phases
Methods for building ATRU real-time model based on different application scenarios
230 VAC/28 VDC high-power density power supply for more electric aircraft applications
Finite state machine control for aircraft electrical distribution system
Circulating current minimisation of paralleled 400 Hz three-phase four-leg inverter based on third harmonics injection
Design of high-performance bidirectional DC/DC converter applied for more electric aircraft
Rotating rectifier fault detection method of wound-rotor synchronous starter-generator with three-phase exciter
Research on three-phase four-leg matrix converter based more electric aircraft wing ice protection system
Model-based design of a starting control system with an LC filter for an aircraft start generator
Initial rotor position estimation method for aircraft wound-rotor synchronous starter/generators
Fault diagnosis and tolerant control for power converter in SRM drives
Low-cost post power switch open-circuit fault operation approach for an IPMSM drive
Research on space-vector modulation and common-mode voltage of four-leg matrix converter
Permanent magnet synchronous machine starter/generators based high-voltage DC parallel electric power system for the more electric aircraft
Pole ratio and operation mode influence on the excitation system of three-stage synchronous starter/generator
Rotor position estimation of wound-rotor synchronous starter/generator
Decoupling control for aircraft brushless wound-rotor synchronous starter-generator in the starting mode
Analysis of the coupling effects on main feeder in more electrical aircraft
Decoupled TAB converter with energy storage system for HVDC power system of more electric aircraft
Fault diagnosis using particle filter for MEA typical components
Research on the modulation of a three-level matrix converter with reduced common mode voltage
Research on the modulation and control of multilevel matrix converter
New method for measuring torque ripple of the starter generator
Research on inter-turn short circuit of armature windings in the multiphase synchronous generator–rectifier system
Research on improved control method of electromechanical actuation
Multi-objective optimal design of passive power filter for aircraft starter/generator system application
Model predictive control for reduced matrix converter with transformer DC magnetic bias suppression
Vector control implementation in field programmable gate array for 200 kHz GaN-based motor drive systems
Two methods to control neutral-point voltage fluctuation for a hybrid VIENNA rectifier
Overview of MEA key technology and system integration

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