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Volume 2017, Issue 8, August 2017

Volume 2017, Issue 8

August 2017

Fast network restoration by partitioning of parallel black start zones
Design of an asymmetrical rotor for easy assembly and repair of field windings in synchronous machines
New grounded immittance simulators employing a single CFCC
Low-profile quad-band perforated rectangular dielectric resonator antenna for wireless communications
Approach to measure the degree of the unbalanced power in induction motor for energy-efficient use
Covariance differencing-based angle estimation method for bistatic multiple-input–multiple-output radar in unknown coloured noise
Symmetric switched diode multilevel inverter structure with minimised switch count
Holistic contrast enhancement of carpals ossification sites for skeletal age assessment system
HCC-based interleaved boost converter with optimal switching frequency control of wind energy conversion system for DC microgrid application
Optical wireless communication using a fully integrated 400 µm diameter APD receiver

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