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Volume 2017, Issue 7, July 2017

Volume 2017, Issue 7

July 2017

Design methodology for a special single winding based bearingless switched reluctance motor
Combination of saliency histogram equalisation and seam carving for image resizing
Modelling of synchronisation and energy performance of FBE- and LBE-based standalone LTE-U networks
Synchronisation of two separate zones in a standalone microgrid
Dual-band global positioning system antenna fed by the proximity-inset method
Tunable linearity enhancement for 180 nm complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor LNA with active feedback
Gird-connected boost inverter for low-power PV applications with model predictive control
Second-order PDE-based image restoration algorithm using directional diffusion
Development of interharmonics identification using enhanced-FFT algorithm
Laser-assisted bending by magnetic force
Three-level boost converter with zero voltage transition
Interleaved cuk converter with improved transient performance and reduced current ripple
Human motion correction and representation method from motion camera
Accurate torque-sensorless control approach for interior permanent-magnet synchronous machine based on cascaded sliding mode observer
Analysis and experimental results of frequency splitting of underwater wireless power transfer
Time-division polynomial pre-distorter for linearisation of 1.5 T MRI power amplifier
High-performance full adder architecture in quantum-dot cellular automata
Impact of Al content on InAs/AlSb/Al x Ga1−x Sb tunnelling diode
Visible ns-pulse laser oscillation in Pr-doped double-clad structured waterproof fluoride glass fibre with SESAM
Maximum efficiency control of six- and three-phase two-motor drives

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