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Volume 2017, Issue 6, June 2017

Volume 2017, Issue 6

June 2017

Sliding observer-based demagnetisation fault-tolerant control in permanent magnet synchronous motors
Particle swarm optimisation driven low cost single event transient fault secured design during architectural synthesis
Evaluation of MATPOWER and OpenDSS load flow calculations in power systems using parallel computing
Dynamic model of cage induction motor with number of rotor bars as parameter
Multicast middleware for performance and topology analysis of multimedia grids
Analysis and MPPT control of a wind-driven three-phase induction generator feeding single-phase utility grid
Design of a rectenna system for GSM-900 band using novel broadside 2 × 1 array antenna
Influence of stator/rotor-pole combination on electromagnetic performance in all/alternate poles wound partitioned stator doubly salient permanent magnet machines
Image noise reduction based on applying adaptive thresholding onto PDEs methods
Wideband low-profile low-temperature co-fired ceramic patch antenna with a differential-fed structure
Windowing UWB microwave, mm-wave multi-port S-parameter measurements using open-ended excess electrical length
FPGA-based real-time implementation for direction-of-arrival estimation
Methodology for reducing the filtering capacitor in low-flicker LED drivers

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