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Volume 2014, Issue 8, August 2014

Volume 2014, Issue 8

August 2014

Load demand profile for a large charging station of a fleet of all-electric plug-in buses
Doubling-resolution analog-to-digital conversion based on PIC18F45K80
Space-time QAM wireless MISO systems employing differentially coded in-/out-FECC SCQICs over slow-fading Jakes scattering mobile radio links
MPD model for radar echo signal of hypersonic targets
Performance evaluation of a transformerless multiphase electric submersible pump system
Dual band-notched monopole antenna with enhanced bandwidth for ultra-wideband wireless communications
23 µW 8.9-effective number of bit 1.1 MS/s successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter with an energy-efficient digital-to-analog converter switching scheme
Introductory survey for wireless infrared communications
Fixed capacity and variable member grouping assignment of orthogonal variable spreading factor code tree for code division multiple access networks
Pre-design and life cycle cost analysis of a hybrid power system for rural and remote communities in Afghanistan
Mathematical analysis for detection probability in cognitive radio networks over wireless communication channels
Preamble-aided time delay estimation in frequency selective channels for wireless OFDM systems
Towards good practice guidelines for the contour method of residual stress measurement
Stage-dependent minimum bit resolution maps of full-parallel pipelined FFT/IFFT architectures incorporated in real-time optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing transceivers
Hierarchical energy management mechanisms for an electricity market with microgrids
Application of chaotic pulse width modulation control for suppressing electromagnetic interference in a half-bridge converter
A 65 nm CMOS broadband self-calibrated power detector for the square kilometre array radio telescope

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