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Volume 2014, Issue 5, May 2014

Volume 2014, Issue 5

May 2014

Energy detection UWB system based on pulse width modulation
Implementing voice over Internet protocol in mobile ad hoc network – analysing its features regarding efficiency, reliability and security
Accurate geometry scalable complementary metal oxide semiconductor modelling of low-power 90 nm amplifier circuits
Sensorless speed control of a five-phase induction machine under open-phase condition
Tailoring the dielectric properties of pyrochlore free lead zirconium titanate by synthesising it through different synthesis routes
New single-carrier transceiver scheme based on the discrete sine transform
Improved dual sided doped memristor: modelling and applications
Dynamic crosstalk analysis of mixed multi-walled carbon nanotube bundle interconnects
Ensemble unscented Kalman filter for state inference in continuous–discrete systems
Further investigation on adaptive search
Investigation of wound rotor induction machine vibration signal under stator electrical fault conditions

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