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Volume 2014, Issue 12, December 2014

Volume 2014, Issue 12

December 2014

Ultra-wideband wireless receiver front-end for high-speed indoor applications
Analysis of sensor impulse response effects on Cramèr–Rao lower bounds for signal parameter estimators
Heat-pump performance: voltage dip/sag, under-voltage and over-voltage
Identification of voltage stability condition of a power system using measurements of bus variables
Fabrication of micro-patterned titanium dioxide nanotubes thin film and its biocompatibility
Distributed demand-side management optimisation for multi-residential users with energy production and storage strategies
Dynamic pricing based on a cloud computing framework to support the integration of renewable energy sources
Pre-coder design over two-symbol extension for K-user cyclic interference channels
Stochastic channel model for simulation of mobile ad hoc networks

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