Journal of the IEE

Volume 3, Issue 26, February 1957

Volume 3, Issue 26

February 1957

The International Geophysical Year
High-capacity alternators for power stations
Electrical science and the electrical industry
Frost prevention in concrete by electrical means
Arc interruption. Part 2: Theory and experiment on gap recovery
Optical standards: a new comparison
Earth-loop resistance
Voltage-transformer calibration
Surge protection
Shuttle propulsion
Diversity reception
New motors
Electromagnetic pumps
New instruments for induction motor analysis
More power from Niagara
Half-speed motor
Moving-coil regulator
New emphasis on variety reduction in industry
Ars martis comes
High-voltage circuit-breakers
Engineering manpower
Machine translation
Radio reception in India
Richard John Bayntun Hippisley
Alfred Brawn Gilbert
Frederick Ernest Mitton
Reginald Cheyney Plowman
John Wilfred Rodger
Wilfrid John Sulston
Harold Charles Wells
Technical publications
Some recent books
London report
News from the Centres
News from the abroad

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