Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 1953, Issue 4, April 1953

Volume 1953, Issue 4

April 1953

Helping the new entrant
Council notices
General notes
Elections and transfers
The Annual Dinner
The Royal Festival Hall: electrical installation
The accurate mapping of electrical fields in an electrolytic tank
Electricity in farm crop-drying
A review of present knowledge of the ionospheric propagation of very-low, low- and medium-frequency waves
Phosphors for television cathode-ray tubes
The use of the germanium rectifier in television receivers
The applications of the metal rectifier in television receivers
The British television receiver
A delayed-trigger oscillograph
The performance of television receiver installations in the presence of interference
A consideration of some factors influencing the design of television receivers for mass production
The design of a superheterodyne receiver for television
Receiving aerials for British television
Television as a communication problem
The design of linear-phase low-pass filters
A gamma-control circuit using crystal diodes
Fluctuation noise in television-camera head amplifiers
A variable-definition camera channel for the appraisal of television standards
Some fundamental aspects of colour television
Test equipment for television transmission circuits
Nuclear reactors and their applications. A correction

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