Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 1953, Issue 3, March 1953

Volume 1953, Issue 3

March 1953

Council notices
General notes
Elections and transfers
Accessions to the Library
Award of the Faraday Medal
Nuclear reactors and their applications
The control of a thermal neutron reactor
Automatic control characteristics of thermal neutron reactors
Neutron detectors for reactor instrumentation
The measurement of the phase velocity of ground-wave propagation at low frequencies over a land path
Telemetering for system operation
Radio telemetering
The reflection and absorption of radio waves in the ionosphere
Waveguide attenuation and its correlation with surface roughness
Noise in thermionic valves
New equipment for impedance matching and measurement at very high frequencies
Electronic amplifiers for self-balancing potentiometers
Electrostatic sources of energy
Cathode-ray tubes and valves for television receivers
Design factors in television cathode-ray tubes
A univoltage electrostatic lens for television cathode-ray tubes
Some aspects of modern cathode-ray-tube manufacture
Television valves and the a.c./d.c. receiver
The life testing of cathode-ray tubes
Obituary notices

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