Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

Volume 1952, Issue 11, November 1952

Volume 1952, Issue 11

November 1952

A visit to the New World
General notes
An American journey
The transmission of pictures by radio
Some recent developments in photo-telegraphy and facsimile transmission
A phototelegraph transmitter-receiver utilizing sub-carrier frequency modulation
Impedance-measuring equipment for the 50–500 Mc/s range
Two notes on the performance of rectifier modulators
The history of television
Television programme origination: the engineering technique
A 5:1 television zoom lens
Television recording
A small high-velocity scanning television pick-up tube
A continuous-motion system for televising motion-picture films
Discharge lamps for television studios
Television studio lighting equipment
The monoscope
Problems of sound in television programmes
The development of a high-quality 35-mm film scanner
Television lighting technique
Design features of a television camera with a single-lens optical view-finder

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