IEE Proceedings - Vision, Image and Signal Processing

Volume 152, Issue 5, October 2005

Volume 152, Issue 5

October 2005

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    • Fast search algorithm for vector quantisation without extra look-up table using declustered subcodebooks
      Autocorrelation model-based identification method for ARMA systems in noise
      Real-time palmprint acquisition system design
      Novel probability neural network
      New hypothesis test: a repropagation method to test the applicability of linear ICA to a given problem (highlighted by an EEG case study applied to epilepsy)
      Semi-adaptive, convex optimisation methodology for image denoising
      Robust spatial watermarking technique for colour images via direct saturation adjustment
      Online blind equalisation algorithm of an FIR MIMO channel system for non-stationary signals
      Optimal information fusion distributed smoother for discrete multichannel ARMA signals
      Region-of-interest image coding based on EBCOT
      Dynamic programming framework for automatic video object segmentation and vision-assisted video pre-processing
      Data hiding technologies for digital radiography
      Image steganographic scheme based on pixel-value differencing and LSB replacement methods
      Blind source separation of instantaneous MIMO systems based on the least-squares Constant Modulus Algorithm
      Projective rectification based on relative modification and size extension for stereo image pairs
      Radical recognition of handwritten Chinese characters using GA-based kernel active shape modelling
      Stereo video coding based on quad-tree decomposition of B–P frames by motion and disparity interpolation
      Identification of cubically nonlinear systems excited by bandpass inputs
      Properties determining choice of mother wavelet

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