IEE Proceedings - Science, Measurement and Technology

Volume 148, Issue 4, July 2001

Volume 148, Issue 4

July 2001

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Editorial: Non-destructive testing and evaluation
    • Laser generated ultrasound: efficiency and damage thresholds in carbon fibre reinforced composites
      Quality control of laser welds of tailored blanks using guided waves and EMATs
      Role of 3-D graphics in NDT data processing
      Active fibre waveguide sensor for embedded structural condition monitoring
      Propagation of acoustic emission signals in metallic fuselage structure
      Near-field microwave non-invasive determination of NaCl in mortar
      Characterisation of cylindrical eddy-current probes in terms of their spatial frequency spectra
      Electromagnetic field distributions around conducting slabs, produced by eddy-current probes with arbitrary shape current-carrying excitation loops
      Effects of probe and inducer on saturation of crack signal in high-sensitivity AC field measurement technique

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