IEE Proceedings - Science, Measurement and Technology

Volume 147, Issue 6, November 2000

Volume 147, Issue 6

November 2000

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    • Editorial: Medical signal processing
      Robust methodology for the discrimination of brain tumours from in vivo magnetic resonance spectra
      Using dynamical embedding to isolate seizure components in the ictal EEG
      Prospects for routine detection of dementia using the fractal dimension of the human electroencephalogram
      Nonlinear analysis of carotid artery echographic images
      Automated assessment of vigilance using committees of radial basis function analysers
      Visualisation and categorisation of respiratory mechanism using self organising maps
      Learning interaction dynamics with coupled hidden Markov models
      Robust ECG R-R wave detection using evolutionary programming-based fuzzy inference system (EPFIS), and application to assessing brain-gut interaction
      Aspects of diagnostic schemes for biomedical and engineering systems
      Extreme value statistics for novelty detection in biomedical data processing
      Time-frequency analysis of short segments of biomedical data
      Parametric bispectral estimation of EEG signals in different functional states of the brain
      Effect of cross-correlation on auditory evoked response detection
      Extracting single trial event related potentials
      Novel decision strategy for P-wave detection utilising nonlinearly synthesised ECG components and their enhanced pseudospectral resonances
      Virtual instrumentation for clinical assessment of cardiovascular and autonomic function
      Variability of photoplethysmography peripheral pulse measurements at the ears, thumbs and toes
      New range-based neighbourhood operator for extracting edge and texture information from mammograms for subsequent image segmentation and analysis
      Adaptive combination of linear predictors for lossless image compression

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