IEE Proceedings - Science, Measurement and Technology

Volume 141, Issue 2, March 1994

Volume 141, Issue 2

March 1994

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Editorial: Diagnosis and measurement of electrrical discharges
    • Laser-induced plasmas and resonance ionisation spectroscopies
      Diagnostics of DC-pulse SiH4 plasmas using laser-induced fluorescence and optical emission spectroscopy
      Spectroscopic and image intensified investigations of RF plasmas in H2 and CH4 mixtures
      Chromatic monitoring for the processing of materials with plasmas
      Use of an ion energy analyser-mass spectrometer to measure ion kinetic-energy distributions from RF discharges in argon-helium gas mixtures
      Linear-geometry electric-field probe for DC corona measurements
      Characterising the discharge development due to surface contamination in GIS using the UHF technique
      Spectroscopic observation of high breaking capacity fuse arcs
      Low-power optical current measurement system employing a hybrid transmitter
      Simple heat flux density probe for industrial plasmas
      Diagnostic techniques for atmospheric streamer discharges
      Metal vapour densities in a pseudospark switch

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