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IEE Proceedings - Radar, Sonar and Navigation

Volume 151, Issue 5, October 2004

Volume 151, Issue 5

October 2004

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    • Low probability of intercept radar strategies
      Target fluctuation models and their application to radar performance prediction
      Super-fast scanning technique for phased array weather radar applications
      Invariant-based probabilistic target tracking and identification with GMTI/HRR measurements
      Investigation of the variability of Doppler spectra with radar frequency and grazing angle
      Capon–LS for model order selection of multicomponent interferometric SAR signals
      Detection of land-mines using ultra-wideband radar data and time–frequency signal analysis
      Migration based SAR imaging for ground penetrating radar systems
      Automatic seabed classification by the analysis of sidescan sonar and bathymetric imagery

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