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IEE Proceedings - Radar, Sonar and Navigation

image of IEE Proceedings - Radar, Sonar and Navigation
Online ISSN 1359-7086
Print ISSN 1350-2395

Published from 1994-2006, IEE Proceedings - Radar, Sonar and Navigation contained significant and original contributions on the theory and practice of systems involving the processing of signals for radar, radiolocation, radionavigation and surveillance purposes. Examples of the fields of application include sonar, electronic warfare, avionic and navigation systems. Processing directed towards the above application areas includes advances in waveform design, adaptive array and super-resolution methods, tracking algorithms, synthetic aperture and target recognition techniques.

This journal was previously known as IEE Proceedings F (Radar and Signal Processing) 1989-1993. ISSN 0956-375X. more..

This publication is continued by IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation 2007-. ISSN 1751-8784. more..


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