IEE Proceedings - Optoelectronics

Volume 153, Issue 4, August 2006

Volume 153, Issue 4

August 2006

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    • Adaptive OFDM system for communications over the indoor wireless optical channel
      Modelling and experimental validation of an x-cut four phase modulators structure
      Optical spectral amplitude coding CDMA systems using perfect difference codes and interference estimation
      Simulation of 1×16 microring resonant wavelength multi/demultiplexer with triple vertically coupled microrings in every filter element
      Performance analysis of a symbol slicing majority vote combining receiver for binary optical heterodyne ASK with phase-noise-optimised decision thresholds
      Advanced detection and coding techniques for nonlinear intersymbol interference cancellation in 40 Gb/s systems
      Ab initio study of high-pressure phases of gallium nitride
      Theoretical comparison between quantum well and dot infrared photodetectors
      Multiplication and excess noise of avalanche photodiodes with InGaAs absorption layer
      Cellular over optical wireless networks
      High-power evanescently-coupled waveguide photodiodes
      Multiple pulse position modulation employing raised cosine filtering
      InGaN p–i–n ultraviolet-A band-pass photodetectors

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