IEE Proceedings - Optoelectronics

Volume 151, Issue 5, October 2004

Volume 151, Issue 5

October 2004

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    • Editorial: Dilute nitride and related mismatched semiconductor alloys
      Epitaxy and characterisation of dilute III–As1−yNy on GaAs and InP
      Growth of GaNxAs1−x atomic monolayers and their insertion in the vicinity of GaInAs quantum wells
      Surface rate-limiting steps and modelling of the nitrogen growth kinetics of GaAs1−xNx/GaAs
      Structural properties of free-standing (In,Ga)(As,N) alloys
      Thermal annealing effect on 1.3-μm GaInNAs/GaAs quantum well structures capped with dielectric films
      Composition fluctuations in GaInNAs multi-quantum wells
      Distribution of nitrogen in GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wells
      Further insight into the growth temperature influence of 1.3 μm GaInNAs/GaAs QWs on their properties
      Effect of fast thermal annealing on the optical spectroscopy in MBE- and CBE-grown GaInNAs/GaAs QWs: blue shift versus red shift
      Effects of electron irradiation on photoluminescence from GaInNAs/GaAs multiple quantum wells subject to thermal annealing
      Elucidation of the emission red-shift with increasing growth temperature of MBE-grown GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wells
      Temperature and thickness dependences of electron nonradiative transitions in GaInNAs/GaAs SQW investigated by piezoelectric photothermal spectroscopy
      Improvement in the optical quality of GaInNAs/GaInAs quantum well structures by interfacial strain reduction
      Effect of nitrogen ions on the properties of InGaAsN quantum wells grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
      Thermally detected optical absorption and photoluminescence studies of InGaAsN/GaAs quantum wells
      Photoreflectance and photoluminescence study of step-like GaInNAs/GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wells
      Blue shift in InGaAsN/GaAs quantum wells with different width
      N2-incorporation-induced blue shift in InGaAsN/GaAs quantum well during annealing
      Post-growth annealing of GaInNAs layers and GaInNAs/GaAs multiple quantum wells studied by photoreflectance spectroscopy
      Optical properties of GaAsNSe/GaAs superlattice investigated by means of piezoelectric photothermal spectroscopy for nonradiative electron transitions
      Investigations of 1.55-μm GaInNAs/GaAs heterostructures by optical spectroscopy
      Effects of rapid thermal annealing on optical quality of GaNP alloys
      Percolation-based multimode Ga–N behaviour in the Raman spectra of GaInAsN
      Comparative optical study of GaAs1−xNx/GaAs and BxGa1−xAs/GaAs epilayers
      Exciton localisation in InGaAsN and GaAsSbN observed by near-field magnetoluminescence and scanning optical microscopy (NSOM)
      Intrinsic limits on electron mobility in disordered dilute nitride semiconductor alloys
      Influence of N on the electron transport in (Ga, In)(N, As) probed by magnetotransport under hydrostatic pressure
      Ultrafast carrier dynamics in nitrogen-implanted GaAs
      Carrier recombination processes in GaAsN: from the dilute limit to alloying
      Physics of defects and hydrogen in dilute nitrides
      Defects in dilute nitrides: significance and experimental signatures
      Structural defects characterisation of GaInNAs MQWs by TEM and PL
      Origin of bandgap bowing in GaNP alloys
      Boundary conditions for the electron wavefunction in GaInNAs-based quantum wells and modelling of the temperature-dependent effective bandgap
      Influence of cluster states on band dispersion in bulk and quantum well (ultra-)dilute nitride semiconductors
      Band structure calculation of InGaAsN//GaAs, InGaAsN//GaAsP//GaAs and InGaAsN//InGaAsP//InP strained quantum wells
      GaInNAs(Sb) long wavelength communications lasers
      Optimisation of GaAs-based (GaIn)(NAs)//GaAs vertical-cavity surface-emitting diode lasers for high-temperature operation in 1.3-μm optical-fibre communication systems
      Optoelectronic properties of 2-D and 3-D-grown GaInNAs//GaAs QW light emitting diodes and laser diodes
      Low threshold, high power and long lifetime InGaAsN/GaAs lasers
      High-frequency performance of triple quantum well GaInNAs/GaAs ridge waveguide lasers emitting at 1.35 μm
      (Ga,In)(N,As)-based solar cells grown by molecular beam epitaxy
      GaInNAs SESAMs passively mode-locking 1.3-μm solid-state lasers
      1.3-μm GaInNAs surface-normal devices
      Influence of growth temperature on carrier recombination in GaInNAs-based lasers
      Synthesis and properties of highly mismatched II–O–VI alloys
      Mutual passivation effects in highly mismatched group III–V–N alloys
      Effect of lattice ionicity on hydrogen activity in II–VI materials containing isoelectronic oxygen impurities

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