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IEE Proceedings - Optoelectronics

Volume 150, Issue 4, August 2003

Volume 150, Issue 4

August 2003

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    • Editorial: Mid-infrared optoelectronics materials and devices
      Room-temperature operation of GaAs-based quantum cascade lasers processed as ridge and microcavity waveguides
      Low-loss GaInAs-based waveguides for high-performance 5.5 µm InP-based quantum cascade lasers
      Single-longitudinal-mode emission from interband cascade DFB laser with a grating fabricated by interferometric lithography
      Experimental study of optical gain and loss in 3.4–3.6 µm interband cascade lasers
      Thermal characteristics of quantum-cascade lasers by micro-probe optical spectroscopy
      Hollow-waveguide gas sensing with room-temperature quantum cascade lasers
      Tunability of antimonide-based semiconductor lasers diodes and experimental evaluation of the thermal resistance
      Mid-infrared whispering gallery mode ring lasers and LEDs
      InP based quantum dash lasers with 2 µm wavelength
      Photonic-crystal distributed-feedback lasers for the midwave infrared
      Optically pumped mid-infrared type-II W lasers on InAs substrates
      Applications of lead-salt microcavities for mid-infrared devices
      Optically pumped lead-chalcogenide IR-emitters
      Diode and fibre pumped Cr2+:ZnS mid-infrared external cavity and microchip lasers
      RIN in mode-locked external cavity semiconductor lasers
      3.3 µm W quantum well light emitting diode
      Flip-chip bonded InAsSbP and InGaAs LEDs and detectors for the 3-µm spectral region
      Resonant-cavity light-emitting diodes (RC-LEDs) and detectors for mid-IR gas-sensing applications
      Negative luminescence from MWIR HgCdTe/Si devices
      Large-area IR negative luminescent devices
      Observation of intersubband absorption in the forbidden polarisation for a stepped double barrier quantum well
      Normal-incidence intersubband absorption in AlGaSb quantum wells: enhanced oscillator strength and new functionalities using asymmetry
      Heterojunction interfacial workfunction internal photoemission detectors for use at 8–20 µm
      Infrared dynamic scene simulating device based on light down-conversion
      Ternary and quaternary alloy III–V antimonide (InAsSb and InAsSbP) virtual substrates made by liquid-phase epitaxy
      Ultrathin InAs/GaAs single quantum wells grown on GaAs (111)A substrates by molecular beam epitaxy
      X-ray study of interface stoichiometry and electronic properties of optically pumped antimonide-based mid-infrared W-laser structures
      Theory of optical properties of segregated InAs/GaSb superlattices
      Strain and interfacial bond type effects on structural quality of InAs/Ga(As,Sb) superlattices grown on InAs substrates
      X-ray diffraction analysis of lateral composition modulation in InAs/GaSb superlattices intended for infrared detector applications

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