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IEE Proceedings - Optoelectronics

Volume 149, Issue 4, August 2002

Volume 149, Issue 4

August 2002

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    • Editorial: Simulation of semiconductor optoelectronic devices
      Modelling and simulation of electroabsorption modulators
      Comparisons between dual-depletion-region and uni-travelling-carrier p-i-n photodetectors
      Analysis of strain-induced polarisation-insensitive integrated waveguides fabricated using ion-implantation-induced intermixing
      Physics of high-power InGaN/GaN lasers
      Simulation of the generation of high-power pulses in the GHz range with three-section DBR lasers
      Rigorous and efficient optical VCSEL model based on vectorial eigenmode expansion and perfectly matched layers
      Computing optical modes for VCSEL device simulation
      Efficient optical modelling of VCSELs using a vector mode-matching method
      Simulating the modulation response of VCSELs: the effects of diffusion capacitance and spatial hole-burning

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