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IEE Proceedings - Optoelectronics

Volume 145, Issue 5, October 1998

Volume 145, Issue 5

October 1998

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    • Editorial: Mid-IR devices and materials
      InAsSbP/InAs LEDs for the 3.3–5.5 µm spectral range
      Room temperature InPSb/InAs and InPSb/InAs/InAsSb mid-infrared emitting diodes grown by MOVPE
      Fast tuning of 3.3 µm InAsSb/InAsSbP diode lasers using nonlinear optical effects
      Mid-infrared InSb and InAlSb diode lasers
      Interface-induced phenomena in type II antimonide–arsenide heterostructures
      Type II W, interband cascade and vertical-cavity surface-emitting mid-IR lasers
      Influence of Auger and LO-phonon scattering on bulk and ‘quasi’-quantum wire mid-IR laser diodes
      Effect of GaSb growth temperature on p-GaSb/n-GaAs diodes grown by MOVPE
      Light sources for wavelengths > 2 µm grown by MBE on InP using a strain relaxed buffer
      Rapid slider LPE growth of InAs quantum wells
      Liquid-phase epitaxial growth of GaSb-related compounds on sulphide treated (100) GaSb substrates
      Micromachined silicon thermopile and thermal radiators using porous silicon technology

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