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IEE Proceedings - Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation

Volume 153, Issue 1, February 2006

Volume 153, Issue 1

February 2006

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    • High-gain subwavelength resonant cavity antennas based on metamaterial ground planes
      Self-balanced wideband folded loop antenna
      Beam adaptive single arm rectangular spiral antenna with switches
      Planar radiator with refined slot pattern for electrically small antennas
      High-efficiency class-B push–pull amplifying array for microwave transmitting front end
      Moment method analysis of circular cylindrical array of waveguide elements covered with a multilayer radome
      Design of a radial waveguide feed network for a pin-fed array antenna
      Modelling and design of a finite dual-polarised notch phased-array antenna
      Development of dual-band circularly polarised reflectarray
      Multidomain pseudospectral time-domain algorithm based on super-time-stepping method
      Innovative basis and weight functions for wire junctions in time domain moment method
      Accuracy evaluation analysis for indoor measurement-based radio-wave-propagation predictions
      Multimode degenerate mode cavity for microwave hyperthermia treatment
      Modelling and application of elastomer mesh for microwave probing
      Investigation of new nondegenerate dual-mode microstrip patch filter
      Noise characteristics of an oscillator with a barium strontium titanate (BST) varactor
      Radar cross-section analysis for passive RFID systems

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