IEE Proceedings J (Optoelectronics)

Volume 138, Issue 5, October 1991

Volume 138, Issue 5

October 1991

Editorial: Quantum wells in optoelectronics
QUANTUM WELLS IN OPTOELECTRONICS: Laser-induced transient photoconductivity in MQW systems
QUANTUM WELLS IN OPTOELECTRONICS: Optimisation threshold parameters of multiple quantum well infra-red photodetector
QUANTUM WELLS IN OPTOELECTRONICS: Absorptive bistability in inhomogeneously pumped quantum well laser diodes
QUANTUM WELLS IN OPTOELECTRONICS: Polarisation dependence of refractive index of MQW waveguides
QUANTUM WELLS IN OPTOELECTRONICS: GaAs/GaAlAs graded index separate confinement single quantum well single-mode waveguide electroabsorption light modulator
QUANTUM WELLS IN OPTOELECTRONICS: Design and fabrication of packaged InP/InGaAsP multiple quantum well waveguide components with very low insertion loss
QUANTUM WELLS IN OPTOELECTRONICS: Linear and nonlinear optical properties of direct gap Si-Ge superlattices
Finite-cladding fibres: HE12 and local-normal-mode coupling evolution
Multichannel grating cavity (MGC) laser transmitter for wavelength division multiplexing applications
Tapered single-mode fibres and devices. Part 1: Adiabaticity criteria
Tapered single-mode fibres and devices. Part 2: Experimental and theoretical quantification

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