IEE Proceedings J (Optoelectronics)

Volume 137, Issue 1, February 1990

Volume 137, Issue 1

February 1990

Semiconductor and integrated optoelectronics
Reliable 1.3 μm high speed trenched buried heterostructure lasers grown entirely by atmospheric MOVPE
Spectral index method applied to rib and strip-loaded directional couplers
Large-signal modulation response of monolithic active integrated-optic waveguides
Analysis of the spectral index method for vector modes of rib waveguides
Advances in rib waveguide analysis using the weighted index method or the method of moments
Influence of gain nonlinearities on the linewidth enhancement factor in semiconductor lasers
1.3/1.53 μm Mach-zehnder wavelength duplexers for integrated optoelectronic transceiver modules
Modified 1.3 μm buried ridge stripe laser for implanted-FET integration
Semiconductor Raman laser as a tool for wideband optical communications
Fast polarisation and wavelength switching in quasi-index guided GaInAsP twin-stripe lasers by direct current modulation
Circuit theory of laser diode modulation and noise
Spectral gain measurements for semiconductor laser diodes
Fabrication and lasing characteristics of λ = 1.56 μm tunable twin-guide (TTG) DFB lasers
Reliability of mesa and planar InGaAs PIN photodiodes
Impact ionisation thresholds in silicon and germanium under hydrostatic pressure and strain

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