IEE Proceedings I (Communications, Speech and Vision)

Volume 139, Issue 4, August 1992

Volumes & issues:

Volume 139, Issue 4

August 1992

Voice activity detection using a periodicity measure
Spectral efficiency of M-QAM in frequency reuse radio systems
Convolutionally encoded FFH-MFSK: demodulation and frequency tracking over frequency-varying jammed channels
A chirp modem incorporating interference excision
Scheduling delay protocols integrating voice and data on a bus LAN
Decoding delays of orchard codes
Examination of an adaptive dfe and MLSE/near-MLSE for fading multipath radio channels
Synchronised linear almost periodically time-varying adaptive filter
Transmission of digitally encoded speech at 1.2 Kbaud for PCN
Teletraffic performance of microcellular personal communication networks
Performance off 8-PSK trellis codes over nonlinear fading mobile satellite channels

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