IEE Proceedings I (Communications, Speech and Vision)

Volume 138, Issue 6, December 1991

Volumes & issues:

Volume 138, Issue 6

December 1991

Analysis of asynchronous multiplexers for periodic traffic in integrated broadband networks
Queuing analysis of the selective repeat ARQ scheme
Efficient flow control in a multiclass telecommunications environment
Simulation study of trellis-coded transceivers for high-bit rate digital subscriber loops
Throughput efficiency of a class of continuous ARQ schemes under markovian error patterns
Correlation decoding of the (24, 12) Golay code using neural networks
Channel-estimation-based adaptive DFE for fading multipath radio channels
Signalling efficiency modelling and measurement of simplex block encoded MBC systems
Characterisation of mobile radio signals: model description
Characterisation of mobile radio signals: base station crosscorrelation
Equaliser techniques for QAM transmissions over dispersive mobile radio channels
Radio transmission at 1800 MHz into, and within, multistory buildings
Subjective quality quantification of digital voice communication systems
Algorithm for high precision root finding from high order LPC models
Finite state CELP for variable rate speech coding
Two-stage convolver-based DCT and IDCT algorithms
Parallel implementation of a fast thinning algorithm using image compression

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