IEE Proceedings I (Solid-State and Electron Devices)

Volume 128, Issue 1, February 1981

Volume 128, Issue 1

February 1981

Experimental and theoretical investigations of parameters controlling line profiles in electron-beam lithography
Book review: Fundamentals of Crystal Growth, 1
Above-threshold analysis of channelled-substrate-planar (CSP) laser
Mechanisms of Radiation Effects in Electronic Materials
Microwave Solid State Devices and Applications
Electron Transport in Compound Semiconductors
Physics of Semiconductor Laser Devices
Synchrotron Radiation Research
Crystals: Growth, Properties and Applications
Introduction to V.L.S.I. Systems
Introduction to Applied Solid-State Physics
Modern dispenser cathodes
Erratum: Transferred-electron harmonic generators for millimetre band sources
Erratum: Current mechanism of tunnel m.i.s. solar cells
Measurement and interpretation of the FT of planar transistors operating in the inverse mode

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