IEE Proceedings I (Solid-State and Electron Devices)

Volume 127, Issue 3, June 1980

Volume 127, Issue 3

June 1980

Required minimum value of barrier height in minority-carrier m.i.s. solar cells
Injection phase delay in high-power Baritt oscillators
Theory of switching in p-n-insulator (tunnel)-metal devices: thick-tunnel oxides and indirect tunnel effects
Inversion-controlled switching mechanism of m.i.s.s. devices
Electron and hole photocurrent effects on impatt oscillators
Microcomputer-aided interface-state analysis
p-type InP/Langmuir film m.i.s. diodes
Quasistatic and nonequilibrium phenomena in m.o.s. structures under the influence of a constant gate-current bias
Charge Coupled Devices and their Applications
Crystal Growth Bibliography
Nondestructive Evaluation of Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Erratum: Depletion-mode m.o.s.f.e.t. model including a field-dependent surface mobility

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