IEE Proceedings H (Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation)

Volume 140, Issue 4, August 1993

Volume 140, Issue 4

August 1993

Electromagnetic scattering from arbitrarily shaped conducting bodies coated with a thin layer off lossy magnetic material
Propagation characteristics of circular chirowaveguides periodically loaded with metal gratings
Frequency-domain-continuation intermodulation-balance method for the analysis of nonlinear microwave circuits with multifrequency excitations
Hybrid antenna synthesis for reconfigurable contoured beams
Analysis of quadrifilar resonant printed helical antenna for mobile communications
Synthesis of eight-port comparator circuits using Dicke's methods
Alternative derivation of the cascaded cylinder diffraction model
Terrain simulation for the cascaded cylinder diffraction model
Wideband filters employing multilayer gratings
Statistics of short time and spatial variations measured in wideband indoor radio channels
Stacked resonators for bandwidth enhancement: a comparison of two feeding techniques
Shielding of single- and double-reflector earth station antennas: a near- and far-field approach
Neural network approach to prediction of terrestrial wave propagation for mobile radio
CAD oriented method for noise analysis of microwave circuits described by the nodal admittance matrix
Temperature control of radar cross-section using electrically small high Tc superconducting antenna elements for stealth applications

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