IEE Proceedings H (Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation)

Volume 137, Issue 1, February 1990

Volume 137, Issue 1

February 1990

EM scattering of an arbitrary multiple dielectric coated conducting cylinder by coupled finite boundary element method
Dyadic Green's functions for general uniaxial media
Integral equation formulation of cylindrical feed-axisymmetric reflector coupling
Characteristics of concentrically shorted circular patch microstrip antennas
Measurements on the wavefronts of ionospherically propagated HF radio waves made with a large aperture antenna array
Crosspolar control in far-field synthesis of dual offset reflectors
Attenuation and reflection of radio waves by a melting layer of precipitation
Optimisation of circular polarisation performance for 4-arm planar spiral antenna with non perfect excitation networks
Accurate determination of frequency dependent three element equivalent circuit for symmetric step microstrip discontinuity
Aspect ratio of open resonators in design of evanescent mode E-plane circulators
Dielectric post resonances in a rectangular waveguide
Integrated design of an automatic six-port network analyser
Effects of electromagnetic interference for electromagnetic pulses incident on microstrip circuits
Theoretical model of a microwave Hall-effect empty-cavity signal

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