IEE Proceedings H (Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation)

Volume 136, Issue 3, June 1989

Volume 136, Issue 3

June 1989

Scattering by a perfectly conducting strip loaded with a dielectric cylinder (TM case)
Analysis of asymmetric TEM cell and its optimum design of electric field distribution
Propagation and radiation from partly filled elliptical waveguide
Near-field measurements on plane-polar facility
EM wave scattering from statistically inhomogeneous and periodic random rough surfaces
Technical memorandum: Design of E-plane filters made easy
Matching using double slug transformer and correction to transistor gain
Electromagnetic diffraction by two perfectly conducting wedges with dented edges loaded with a dielectric cylinder
Aperture impedance of flared horns
Reflection coefficient at the feed of a radome-covered reflector antenna: a geometrical optics approach
Generalised Villeneuve n̅ distribution
Intrinsic mode theory of conical corrugated horns
Technical memorandum: Edge mode effect in the operations of waveguide twin-slab ferrite phase shifter
Technical memorandum: Analysis of circular microstrip antennas with superstrate
Theoretical and experimental investigations of two-dimensional waveguide-excited short backfire antenna structure
Uniqueness of numerical solutions to electric-, magnetic- and combined-field integral equations for open-ended circular waveguides
Lens antennas with amplitude shaping or sine condition
Erratum: Input impedance of rectangular microstrip antennas

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