IEE Proceedings H (Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation)

Volume 134, Issue 1, February 1987

Volume 134, Issue 1

February 1987

Effects of an intervening airgap on the two fundamental modes of a surface waveguide
Variational method for coplanar waveguide with anisotropic substrates
New method for the analysis of dual-gate MESFET mixers
Rigorous analysis of dielectric rod waveguides with flat cross-section
Implementation of microwave diffraction tomography for measurement of dielectric constant distribution
Wavefront quality in antenna pattern measurement: the use of residuals
Novel cylindrical-wave spectrum for analysis of scattering by multiple bodies
Noise considerations in active monopoles
Simplified design procedures for Butler matrices incorporating 90° hybrids or 180° hybrids
Role of particle-size distributions on millimetre-wave propagation in sand/dust storms
Gain enhancement of antennas over finite ground plane covered by a dielectric sheet
Long-range propagation experiment to investigate the incidence of anomalous propagation in the North Atlantic
Analysis of multipath fading on line-of-sight links in the presence of an elevated atmospheric duct
Angle estimation with adaptive arrays and its relation to super-resolution
Engineering model for arbitrarily shaped microstrip antennas based on the collocation method
Convergence phenomenon in the solution of dichroic scattering problems by Galerkin's method
Evaluation of Sommerfeld integrals arising in the ground stake antenna problem
Technical memorandum: Conductance Of A Longitudinal, Resonant Slot In A Ridge Waveguide
Single Sided Slotline Microstrip Transition
New method for the measurement of coupling coefficients of transmission cavities
Technical memorandum: Highly Shaped Beam Telemetry Antenna For The ERS-1 Satellite

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