IEE Proceedings H (Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation)

Volume 132, Issue 1, February 1985

Volume 132, Issue 1

February 1985

Rigorous field theory analysis of quasiplanar waveguides
Finite-element analysis of the shielded cylindrical dielectric resonator
Noise parameters of embedded noisy two-port networks
Phase constant characteristics of generalised asymmetric three-coupled microstrip lines
Permittivity measurements using a frequency-tuned microwave TE01 cavity resonator
Exact ray path calculations in a modified Bradley/Dudeney model ionosphere
Model of rainfall-rate distribution for radio system design
Generalised array pattern synthesis using the projection matrix
General design of two-reflector antennas
Decomposition of antenna signals into plane waves
General method for the computation of radiation in stratified media
Optimising the synthesis of shaped beam antenna patterns
Technical memorandum. Fast, accurate computational method for asymmetric coupled microstrip parameters

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