IEE Proceedings H (Microwaves, Optics and Antennas)

Volume 127, Issue 6, December 1980

Volumes & issues:

Volume 127, Issue 6

December 1980

Accurate formulas for computer-aided design of shielded microstrip circuits
Matrix theory for n-line mxicrowave coupler design
Three-line broadband codirectional microwave couplers using planar comb and herringbone microstrip lines
Optimisation of a collinear acoustooptic TEm-TEn mode convertor LiNbO3
Flat disc, radially nonhomogeneous, lenses
Book review: Fiber and Integrated Optics
Optical waveguide filters for the visible spectrum
Pseudoelliptical phase-equalised filter allowing good optimisation for both phase and amplitude response
Design procedure for multioctave combline-filter multiplexers
Variational bound principle for irregular waveguides

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