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IEE Proceedings - Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Volume 152, Issue 6, November 2005

Volume 152, Issue 6

November 2005

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    • Design of autonomous photovoltaic power plant for telecommunication relay station
      Framework for analysis and representation of external systems for online reactive-optimisation studies
      Transmission-expansion planning using the DC model and nonlinear-programming technique
      Dynamic performance and resource mixmodification in competitive environments
      Pricing power system stabilisers using game theory
      Evaluating customer's regulation-control error with frequency-bias setting for dynamic regulation service
      Nonlinear interior-point optimal power flow method based on a current mismatch formulation
      Application of energy function to assess the first-swing stability of a power system with a SVC
      Voltage and current sensitivities of radial distribution network: a new approach
      Fast method to determine an area of vulnerability for stochastic prediction of voltage sags
      Transmission network expansion planning with security constraints
      Computation of current-division factors and assessment of earth-grid safety at 161/69 kV indoor-type and outdoor-type substations
      Estimation of soil thermal parameters from surface temperature of underground cables and prediction of cable rating
      Lightning induced voltages on multiconductor power distribution line
      Impulse flashover performance of semiconducting glazed station insulator under icing conditions based on field calculations by finite-element method
      Safety-limit curves for earthing system designs: appraisal of standard recommendations
      Compensating algorithm suitable for use with measurement-type current transformers for protection
      Contingency screening and ranking method for voltage stability assessment
      Genetic-algorithm-based optimal power flow for security enhancement
      Modified Hopf bifurcation index for power system stability assessment
      Calculation of electromechanical oscillation modes in large power systems using Jacobi-Davidson method
      Optimal substation location and energy distribution network design using a hybrid GA-BFGS algorithm
      High-speed differential busbar protection using wavelet-packet transform
      Hotspot location and mitigation for underground power cables
      Optimal reclosure time for improving power-system dynamic behaviour
      Current disparity in multi-column surge arresters
      LMI approach to normalised ℋ loop-shaping design of power system damping controllers
      Reactive optimal power flow incorporating margin enhancement constraints with nonlinear interior point method
      Power quality detection with classification enhancible wavelet-probabilistic network in a power system
      Fault analysis in four-wire distribution networks

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