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IEE Proceedings - Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Volume 152, Issue 4, July 2005

Volume 152, Issue 4

July 2005

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    • Evolutionary fuzzy control of flexible AC transmission system
      Optimal decentralised design for output-feedback power system stabilisers
      Composite auction method for suppressing unreasonable electricity price spikes in a competitive electricity market
      Normal form analysis of interactions among multiple SVC controllers in power systems
      Ferroresonant oscillations in a transformer terminated line due to an energised parallel line on the same right-of-way
      Optimal spinning reserve allocation in deregulated power systems
      Genetic k-means-algorithm-based classification of direct load-control curves
      Capacitor placement in large-sized radial distribution networks
      Optimisation of embedded generation sizing and siting by using a double trade-off method
      Novel reactive-power-compensation scheme for the Jeju-Haenam HVDC system
      Performance study of two different compensating devices in a custom power park
      Digital control three-phase shunt active power filter with a new harmonic-current-extraction process
      Fast non-recursive extraction of individual harmonics using artificial neural networks
      Nonlinear co-ordinated control of excitation and governor for hydraulic power plants
      Systematic short-circuit-analysis method for unbalanced distribution systems
      Fast-individual-harmonic-extraction technique
      Unit commitment by a tabu-search-based hybrid-optimisation technique
      Continuation of local bifurcations for power systemdifferential-algebraic equation stability model

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