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IEE Proceedings - Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Volume 151, Issue 3, May 2004

Volume 151, Issue 3

May 2004

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    • Compensated-current differential relay for protection of transformers
      Multi-level voltage reinjection-a new concept in high voltage source conversion
      Power flow control and voltage stability limit: regulating transformer versus UPFC
      Design, evaluation and implementation of a busbar differential protection relay immune to the effects of current transformer saturation
      Identification of Heffron-Phillips model parameters for synchronous generators using online measurements
      Statistical dimensioning of insulators with respect to polluted conditions
      ANN generalised inversion control of turbo-generator governor
      Correlation among ESDD, NSDD and leakage current in distribution insulators
      Power converter based method for suppressing power capacitor harmonic current
      Robust decentralised load-frequency control using an iterative linear matrix inequalities algorithm
      Estimation of thermal parameters and prediction of temperature rise in crane power cables
      Granulated blast furnace slag used to reduce grounding resistance
      Restoration strategy for power distribution networks using optimal supervisory control
      Two-phase neural network based modelling framework of constrained economic load dispatch
      Distribution factors for reactive power in the presence of bilateral transactions
      Next day load curve forecasting using recurrent neural network structure
      Determining the load profiles of consumers based on fuzzy logic and probability neural networks
      Use of cooperative game theory in power system fixed-cost allocation
      Application of a nonlinear reactive power pricing model for competitive electric markets
      Application of Lyapunov stability criterion to determine the control strategy of a STATCOM

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